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The Cuisine Plus 2014 collection

The Cuisine Plus 2014 collection

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Today the choice of kitchens is so vast that we can no longer miss the kitchen that looks like us. The proof with the new 2014-2015 collection of Cuisine Plus which shows that this living room can have different faces and be as sophisticated as it is bold or traditional.

Olympian cuisine

Kitchen Plus This fully open family kitchen emphasizes conviviality. There are many storage spaces and allow this space to be left open while keeping a clean space. We like the long work surface which makes it easier to prepare Sunday dishes. ** Depending on location, from € 4,592 **

Lotus Kitchen

Cuisine Plus This classic cuisine will appeal to the most demanding of us. Its primary asset is its timelessness and its ease of maintenance ends up convincing. We like its central hood which gives it a premium appearance. ** Depending on location, from € 4,195 **

Kitchen Glossy Strass

Cuisine Plus This vitamin-rich cuisine succeeds in playing on both color and sobriety. With its slate gray, trendy, it plays the design card. We like the lack of a handle on the doors which fits perfectly into sophisticated interiors. ** Depending on location, from € 4,915 **

Glossy Shine Kitchen

Cuisine Plus Simplicity and efficiency are the key words of this contemporary cuisine. The lacquered facades can be admired and seem limitless thanks to the clean lines. We like the decorative niches which allow to accessorize this kitchen. ** Depending on location, from € 4,173 **

Glossy Life Kitchen

Kitchen Plus This fully customizable kitchen adapts to any interior. No need to censor, the most extravagant colors are allowed. We like to have the choice of saucepans (low furniture to facilitate storage. ** Depending on location, from € 4,387 **

Kitchen Glossy Glam 2

Cuisine Plus A warm and contemporary cuisine, beautiful in its aubergine version. We like the ultra-shiny facades which are maintained with a sponge stroke. ** Depending on location, from € 5,018 **

Trend: destructuring

Cuisine Plus After color, make way for new forms. Originality is now found in the volumes with leaning furniture and open niches and storage.

Trend: orange color

Cuisine Plus With petrol blue, orange is one of the new trendy colors offered by Cuisine Plus. The brand recognizes that kitchens must increasingly play personalization to please. No more uniform look!

Trend: professional cuisine

To make the best dishes, we want the best in the kitchen. We no longer hesitate to invest to treat ourselves to a real professional kitchen with an XXL worktop and great chef's equipment.