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Paris in August seduces all year round

Paris in August seduces all year round

** Paris in August is a brand as atypical as its name. Born thanks to the artist Pascale Daniel, the brand offers a wide choice of modern lamps which find their inspiration in Japanese balls. For her collections, Pascale Daniel works with craftsmen and selects quality fabrics. Each year, two collections are offered to the general public. All are very successful. We therefore invite you to discover the world of Paris brand lighting in August through these 10 creations. **


Paris in August This lamp is a pendant which consists of a cotton fabric woven by hand. It is available in blue but also earth color for more naturalness.


Paris in August The Berlinga lamp is a pretty creation. The design is contemporary, and the colors bright and energizing. Our favorite !

Blue lejos

Paris in August Like most of the lights in the collection, the Blue Lejos lamp is made from pure cotton and woven by hand. It finds its place in any room of your house.


Paris in August This creation does not use noble fabric, and yet it is bright. Happy mixture of blue and white, the lamp adapts to all your decorative desires.

Ice Lamp

Paris in August Ice Lamp, to translate ice lamp, is also a nice achievement. Thanks to its light colors, it brings light and elegance to your interior.


Paris in August The Keffieh lamp is available in two colors: red and white or black and white. In both cases, you are offered an elegant and full of freshness lamp.


Paris in August The kyoto lamp is a simple and magnificent model which is available in a large number of colors: pink and white, blue and white or earth and white. What do you choose?


Paris in August As modern as it is Asian, the Misha lamp is amazing. It is available in the color of your choice and is available on request.


Paris in August The Nefeli lamp, created by Paris in August, seduces with its simplicity and colors. A mixture of burgundy and white, the lamp is warm and perfect for the bedroom or living room.