Concrete furniture

Concrete furniture

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The success of concrete as a decorative coating comes straight from the recent craze for industrial style. But after the walls and the floors, the concrete cladding decided to tackle the furniture. A new skin that suits them perfectly, as demonstrated by the LCDA brand.

Concrete coffee table

LCDA ### Like a block! This is indeed the look touted by this raw coffee table in which we barely perceive 2 storage niches and very small casters to be able to move it as desired.

Concrete worktop

LCDA ### In the kitchen, a surprising concrete worktop reveals a storage for knives and a sink directly molded on its surface. Very contemporary.

Concrete dining table

LCDA ### Difficult not to be impressed by this solid concrete table supported by two imposing cylindrical stainless steel legs.

Concrete bathroom cabinet

LCDA ### Nice tribute to the loft style in the bathroom. Here, it is the rectangular basin and its furniture, designed in concrete that set the tone.

Concrete coffee table

LCDA ### Concrete, like clockwork! Thus could be summed up the design of this coffee table and its resolutely industrial inspiration.

Concrete dining table

LCDA ### Strange to have dinner on concrete? Not that much, especially when it is an elegant table with a very modern design.

Concrete coffee table

LCDA ### Another view of the concrete table whose silhouette resembles a block of cement. Chic, isn't it?

Concrete sink

LCDA ### Raw and minimalist, this is how the kitchen sink, made of concrete, could be summed up.

Concrete center island

LCDA ### The central island of the kitchen has chosen a beautiful concrete covering, integrated cooking plates!