10 trees to grow for their (sublime) bark

10 trees to grow for their (sublime) bark

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For over 15 years, photographer Cédric Pollet has been opening our eyes to the beauty of bark from around the world. Through three magnificent books, he invites us to observe this part of the tree that we all tend to neglect in favor of the antlers and foliage. And yet, the bark of a tree is in itself a universe in its own right, both pictorial and magical ... The proof with these 10 trees chosen by Cédric Pollet, to plant in his garden as soon as possible ...

The paper bark maple

Cédric Pollet The acer griseum has the common names "cinnamon maple" and "paper bark maple" because of its magnificent brown bark which exfoliates over time. Magnificent in autumn with its orange-yellow leaves which turn red, this very beautiful variety easy to grow deserves to be planted in such a way that you can admire its bark in all seasons.

The marbled bark of Father David's maple

Cédric Pollet The maple Acer Davidii Rosalie is part of the family of "snake skin maples" whose smooth and striated bark evokes the texture of reptiles. Originally from China, this variety was sent to France by a missionary, Father David, who gave it its name. If the young shoots are red, the bark becomes green striped with white, with a tendency to blush in winter. Magnificent.

The orange-pink bark of the Phoenix maple

Cédric Pollet Tree with decorative bark par excellence, the Acer x conspicuum Phoenix has a trunk and a branch of a sumptuous orange color which becomes more and more intense as the temperatures drop. As beautiful in winter as in summer… if not more?

The flaming bark of the strawberry tree andrachnoides

Cédric Pollet The hybrid strawberry tree Arbutus x andrachnoides is renowned for its magnificent red-brown bark which exfoliates in shreds, drawing very graphic colored patterns. Find him a place where he will be both protected from the wind and at the center of all eyes…

Mahogany bark of Tibetan cherry

Cédric Pollet Native to China, Prunus serrula was introduced to Europe at the start of the 20th century. This very decorative species can be recognized by its shiny bark, the color of which recalls that of mahogany. Over time, it flakes off in horizontal shreds, which gives the trunk and branches a very elegant striated look.

The white bark of Eucalyptus pauciflora

Cédric Pollet Nicknamed the "snow gum", the Eucalyptus pauciflora Debeuzevillei resists altitude and temperatures up to -20 ° C well. Its very bright white bark falls in patches to reveal light gray areas. With its bluish gray foliage, it is particularly beautiful in gray or snowy weather!

The golden bark of yellow birch

Cédric Pollet The yellow birch, Betula alleghaniensis, is the emblematic tree of Quebec. Its shiny and satiny bark, almost golden, flakes in small strips like most birch trees. It has the distinction of giving off a characteristic smell, reminiscent of tea or camphor. We extract a syrup called "cherry syrup" which is gaining more and more success in Quebec!

The spectacular bark of birch "Mt Luoji"

Cédric Pollet Of a red color turning to pink, the bark of the Asian birch Betula utilis ssp.util Mt Luoji stands out in large plates, drawing very beautiful patterns. In China, it is used to write sacred texts.

Spectral Bark of Grayswood Ghost Birch

Cédric Pollet Native to the Himalayas, the birch Betula utilis var. jacquemontii Grayswood Ghost is characterized by its white and smooth, very shiny bark. At night, lit by the moon, his unreal presence earned him the name "Ghost of Grayswood".

Barks, travel in the intimacy of the trees of the world

Cédric Pollet Cédric Pollet's bestseller remains a reference book for all botany enthusiasts. A beautiful moment of escape to discover barks from around the world. To find here.

Barks, open-air art gallery

Cédric Pollet A true immersion in the fascinating world of bark, Cédric Pollet's first book brings together more than 450 photos of 250 species of trees from around the world. To find here.

Winter gardens, a season reinvented

Cédric Pollet The latest book in Cédric Pollet's trilogy takes a new look at gardens and plants in winter. The book received the Prix P.J. Redouté 2009, Artistic mention. To find here.

Cédric Pollet's 2017 calendar

Cédric Pollet Are you seduced by the bark? Cédric Pollet's 2017 calendar is made for you! To find here.