Recreate a retro atmosphere in the living room

Recreate a retro atmosphere in the living room

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Take a leap into the past by giving a retro atmosphere to your interior! Between vintage furniture and decorative objects found in the attic, the vintage style is more than ever in tune with the times. Follow our decorative shopping to the letter to give an impression of the past to your living room.

A leather bench sofa

Gentlemen Designers In a retro living room, there is no question of betting on a traditional sofa. We prefer a padded leather bench on small wooden feet. For color, go for black to create a very chic vintage atmosphere.

A bean coffee table

Save the furniture The dynamic lines of this bean-shaped coffee table fit perfectly in a retro universe. Its original space-saving shape makes it an ally of small spaces.

50's ceramics

Old and New by Charlotte To dress up a coffee table or a slightly sad sideboard in an original way, think of Vallauris ceramics. Install several in the same tones to create a decor in total harmony.

A carved mirror

Bel Ordinaire In the middle of a wall of frames, we dare this large wooden mirror carved with a shell and scrolls. You can hang it horizontally to give an impression of grandeur on the wall and depth to the room.

A wooden row

Maisons du Monde For a very 1950s atmosphere, bet on a small wooden row. Opt for a model with two-tone sliding doors mounted on oblique Scandinavian style feet that set the tone for your living room.

Retro patterned cushions

Ferm Living To decorate the living room, we put on cushions with very trendy graphic prints. Black patterns on one side, yellow on the other, you can return this cushion according to your mood of the day.

An umbrella stand lamp

Gentlemen Designers To create an offset in your decor, bet on atypical objects like this tripod floor lamp with two shades which also serves as an umbrella stand. A piece that brings a real touch of originality to the room.

A lounge chair

Herman Miller This creation of the famous designers Charles and Ray Eames is still today an essential piece of vintage design. Opt for a black model if you prefer the sober side and choose a more colorful model like duck blue to create a very kitsch atmosphere.

A brass pendant light

Maison Vadim Do not hesitate to accessorize the living room with bare bulbs that bring a real decorative touch, both suspended and installed. Their little more retro: a switch in brass beads strung on a cotton thread in the 1950s atmosphere.