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10 rooms around the green

10 rooms around the green

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According to the company Pantone, the world reference for color, the year 2017 will be green! Color of hope, of renewal, green has this regenerating power, ideal for dressing a room that you want calm and zen. It is said, we go green on the spot! Here are 10 ways to adopt it.

The tropical spirit in a green room

Hôtel La Parizienne The atmosphere is warm and exotic in this gradation of greens, alternating tropical print and deep green. As a frame for the headboard, highlighted on both sides with elegant lamps, the wallpaper adds depth to the room. You could almost hear the frogs croaking!

The exotic alcove

Castorama This is a wise way to take advantage of a space in the bedroom that is not always easy to highlight. We can awaken a banal recess by giving an enveloping or even exotic atmosphere with this chameleon green, or by varying the tones to energize the decor. A green room that has it all!

A modern verdigris

Farrow & Ball This shade, widely used in 19th century wallpapers, has been brought up to date on the four walls of a room that could have seemed frozen in time. The verdigris has the chic to light it up with elegance. We can even continue to decide with colorful furniture and decorative items.

In nature

The Animal Print Shop We also adopt green in the nursery with a khaki color from floor to ceiling. Far from being invasive, this color goes well with wooden furniture, decorative decorative items and mixed textiles for an adventurous spirit which toddlers love. Soft natural green!

A country atmosphere

Wallpaper from the 70s The dense wallpaper contrasts here with the white furniture and decorative objects for a cozy effect without overloading the room. A pretty, rustic and retro bouquet that you would like to pick upon waking up and which brings freshness and cheerfulness to the room.

Geometry in the green room

Au Fil des Couleurs Long live the geometric print! It energizes, envelops, gives a precious side to the room. The water green has this soothing and refreshing freshness for the eyes that the gold-colored lines subtly enhance for a very contemporary effect.

Half a green wall

Castorama For a more refined and soft atmosphere in a green room, you can personalize the room in light tones by painting only half of the wall in a soothing gray green. We take care to leave visible the brushstrokes for the touch of originality.

In the jungle

Hôtel Providence The room suddenly takes on a strong, even exuberant, identity with this fern print made for escape, softened by a shades of green on the walls and bedding. The whole is highlighted by antique chiné furniture, between baroque and retro, mixing wood, metal and gold. Chic as you wish!

Graphic lines

Castorama You haven't crossed the threshold of the brightly colored wall yet and still want to brighten up a white interior? These few strips of paint (or graphic apple green masking tape bring an ultra tonic effect, and underline the doors and walls of the room with originality!