A 30m2 apartment transformed by architect Richard Guilbault

A 30m2 apartment transformed by architect Richard Guilbault

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How to play with constraints to create a functional, airy and bright space? In this 30 m² apartment, the architect Richard Guilbault offers us a beautiful demonstration of inventiveness. Discovery in pictures.

Intelligent distribution of spaces

Meero The objective? Offer a bright and spacious living space by optimizing the functioning of private rooms and maximizing storage possibilities. Under the watchful eye of the new owners, Richard Guilbault imagined a new organization of the apartment which would differentiate the private spaces (bedroom and bathroom from the large living room composed of an open kitchen and a dining area. dining and living room Today, living space occupies half of the living space.

A kitchen integrated into the living space

Meero With an area of ​​1.80 m, the kitchen space has been optimized to the maximum. Equipped with a hood, cupboards, a microwave, a washer-dryer, an oven and an induction hob, the kitchen blends harmoniously with the rest of the room. Animated in its center by a hypnotic mosaic, the space has nothing to envy to large kitchens as the architect knew how to exploit his potential to the maximum.

Stock tips

Meero Near the corridor, the architect imagined a large fixed piece of furniture that would concentrate all of the apartment's storage space. The backbone of this well thought-out two-room apartment, this multifunctional piece of furniture hides certain technical elements: wine cellar, fridge, pantry, library, television, dressing room and other utensils.

A functional and airy corridor

Meero The hallway to the bathroom has also been fully exploited. Practical and flexible, we find the large fixed piece of furniture, here less deep than in the living room where it was necessary to be able to store more imposing elements. In addition, a few niches lit by LED strips offer owners new storage solutions.

Scandinavian inspiration

Meero Dynamic and graphic thanks to an alternation of fronts in medium painted white or birch plywood, this custom-made furniture of Scandinavian inspiration, offers a magic setting to the most demanding eye.


Meero Treated like a capsule, the bedroom, sober and refined, opens onto the living room thanks to a tailor-made door all in height. The bed is raised on a platform that actually hides a large chest for storage.

Old world charm

Meero To preserve the cachet of this Parisian apartment dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the architect chose to materialize the visible connections of the old white concrete partitions. This game of graphic lines cheerfully enlivens the parquet. A contrast that brings a certain dynamism to the spaces.

A well thought out bathroom

Meero Difficult to properly arrange a small bathroom of only 2.3m², this is the bet that the architect Richard Guilbault has set for himself. Completely redesigned, a walk-in shower, raised for drainage purposes, has been installed in the bathroom. To maximize the light, the architect opted for white tiles on the walls and a large custom-made mirror. This increases the feeling of depth and brightness of the room.

A custom bathroom

Meero Made to measure, the washbasin cabinet, of shallow depth, incorporates a round overflowing basin and a small storage space at the back of the drop of the cabinet. The charm of the bathroom lies on the floor where the architect installed graphic cement tiles, a touch of retro.