White month: 10 styles of jewelry to shop

White month: 10 styles of jewelry to shop

January is traditionally the month of white. The opportunity for everyone to renew their bed linen to start a new year. To help you make your choice, here are 10 styles of bedding to offer this season.

A checkered set

Spoiler To warm the room when winter is coming to an end, we use tiles. Then choose bed linen in warm colors that will wrap the bed.

A flower set

Blanc des Vosges Conversely, if you want to get ready for spring, you can bet on a flower set that will seduce romantic rooms and a bit classic.

A geometric set

Blanc des Vosges The trend of the moment: geometric shapes on the bed linen. We then adopt a set whose pattern brings a graphic style to the whole room thanks to a game of pure lines.

A retro-inspired set

Blanc des Vosges To surf the trend of the 50s and 60s, you can opt for a bed set with retro patterns that will make the bed a decorative element in its own right.

A baroque style adornment

Alexandre Turpault The baroque trend is spilling the tip of his nose in the house. We then adopt a bed linen with shiny fabric for a precious look. On the motif side, stylized flowers or arabesques will have their small effect.

A linen set

Spoiler On the material side, linen wins all the votes. Aesthetic, it is also very practical since this natural fiber acts as a temperature regulator by letting the skin breathe.

A set in natural tones

Blanc des Vosges To respond to the natural theme that appeals to the home, we adopt bed linen in neutral colors such as beige or taupe. To enhance the whole, a few colorful stripes can bring the contemporary touch.

A romantic adornment

Liou Do you want an original set? Opt for a romantic and feminine model that presents knots or corset-style laces.

A designer set

Calvin Klein Home The month of white is an opportunity to benefit from numerous promotions. Also, do not hesitate to turn to designer brands like Calvin Klein to offer you beautiful bed linen at a reduced price.