Dining room: everything you can do outside of meals

Dining room: everything you can do outside of meals

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Now, the border between the living room and the dining room is thin and it is frequent that the latter is abandoned in favor of a more spacious living room or an open kitchen, with a bar or an island central. However, at the editorial office, we think that the dining room, a room of conviviality and sharing, still has a bright future ahead of it! Do not think, moreover, that it boils down to welcoming family and friends on certain Sunday lunchtimes! To enhance his coat of arms, we have found other functions for him…

For a games room

Pexels In accommodation where rooms are cramped, often shared by siblings, the dining room is a breath of fresh air! Letting them take over the room is also a way to keep them from playing in your paws, in the kitchen, while you prepare the meal. Better yet, the dining area can be taken over by the whole family for wild party games on rainy weekends.

To have a tea

Pexels What could be more relaxing than heating water and enjoying tea time to invite a friend to chat over a steaming cup? The children are at school, the house is yours, silent and welcoming. The solo tea ritual also works!

To update correspondence

Pexels "Dear Aunt Jeannine, I hope you are well. Forgive me for this long silence, blablabla"; we let you think about what to do next. Take advantage of your dining room to update your correspondence, another good habit that is also in danger of disappearing!

To improvise a workspace

Pexels Are you a fan of remote working? Your room is too small to accommodate an office and it is difficult to successfully define a workspace in the room where you are supposed to rest. As for the living room, the sofa, the bookcase and the coffee table already take up all the space. Your dining room with its large table and comfortable chairs is therefore the best solution.

To invite friends

Pexels When you have a large, spacious and warm dining room, you have no excuses. Share it with all your loved ones! No need to go through the kitchen box, an aperitif or a snack are excellent pretexts for meeting.

For family history

Pexels It doesn't take much for this evening ritual to end in a pillow fight! While the older boy sulks in his corner while strumming on a tablet, Junior complains that he hears nothing and the little one whines because he would like you to read the story in his bed. Take a deep breath and run around the dining room table. All together, but on neutral ground, the story of the evening will no longer turn into a nightmare.

To welcome bouquets of flowers

Stock up Nothing to make a home warm and welcoming as bouquets of flowers scattered here and there. Yes but here it is: in the bedroom, nobody sees them and on the coffee table in the living room, they don't last very long for the "hand games, games of villains" of children. Clearly - and safely - on the dining table or on the buffet, this is what we recommend!

To cook

Pexels You have the pots of fire simmering in the casserole for hours, fruit jams recovered from the garden and homemade pavlova. Finally, that is if your 4 m2 kitchen had a worktop worthy of a chef. This is where the dining room is very precious. You can spread out to peel the potatoes while staying close to your hobs. No more excuses for not cooking meals!

To share a time of common leisure

Pixabay Here, everyone gathers around a puzzle or discuss the next holiday destinations. Because that is the interest of the dining room. Unlike the living room, where everyone relaxes but takes care of more solitary activities such as watching TV, calling or reading. This room, outside of meal times, is the ideal place to discuss, exchange and simply spend time together.