The Balthazar Hotel and Spa: the 5-star establishment nestled in the heart of the Rennais village

The Balthazar Hotel and Spa: the 5-star establishment nestled in the heart of the Rennais village

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It is in the heart of Rennes, in the district called "village" that we discover the Balthazar Hotel and Spa. Designed as a private house, the establishment which reopened its doors after 4 years of work reveals a contemporary universe with an intimate and warm decoration. The gray granite facade, belonging to the protected perimeter of the city, is part of Breton architecture and its interior spaces, articulated around a brick wall and its library set the tone of the place from the door passed. Presentation in pictures.

Warm up by the fire

Balthazar Hotel and Spa To affirm the chic and friendly spirit of the place, a small lounge area where the warmth of the contemporary fireplace and signed pieces coexist in harmony, has been arranged.

A contemporary patio

Balthazar Hotel and Spa To enjoy a magnificent view of the patio with its amazing fountains and contemporary woven lanterns, large picture windows have been installed. Ideal for a drink or breakfast while enjoying the sun and the rejuvenating appearance of the plant wall.

A soft dining room

Balthazar Hotel and Spa In the dining room, clean lines, sober colors and light take precedence. We love the cocoon atmosphere that emerges thanks to the wrap-around woolen chairs, the choice of blond wood and the accumulation of large white hanging candles.

Urban style

Balthazar Hotel and Spa Near the bar, the metal library extends over the brick wall and gives the space an urban feel. A small, intimate and relaxing corner in which you will enjoy finding yourself.

Graphic room

Balthazar Hotel and Spa In this room, we opted for the softness of the Scandinavian style. Bedside table with bevelled legs in blond wood, designer lighting, fine materials on a background of geometric wallpaper, and the Nordic atmosphere is there.

Contemporary lines in the bathroom

Balthazar Hotel and Spa In the bathroom, the lines are clear and black and white is used to support the choice of an ultra contemporary style. The marble on the wall brings a luxurious note to the whole while the mosaic floor energizes the room.

A terrace to relax

Balthazar Hotel and Spa To take advantage of the view over Rennes while enjoying a moment of relaxation, you will appreciate this terrace where cozy garden furniture and large green plants have taken their place.

A room with a New York look

Balthazar Hôtel and Spa New York spirit for this black and white room separated from its bathroom by a pretty blackout glass roof. We love the copper pendant light that falls from the ceiling to sublimate nesting tables used as bedside tables.

Wood for the spa

Balthazar Hotel and Spa For its spa, the hotel has bet on the famous French brand Nuxe and for a decoration where nature reigns supreme. Walls, suspensions, armchairs or shelves have opted for wood and the result is very soothing.