10 DIY ideas to recycle toys

10 DIY ideas to recycle toys

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Have you just sorted out the toys your children have grown tired of, ready to give up or even throw away? Keep them on the contrary, you will be surprised what we can do with them! Here are 10 ways to recycle them as accessories and decorative objects, as useful as they are fun, for the whole house.

The pot with animal lid

The little friends Gather all kinds of pots, of different sizes and shapes for a better effect, and animal figurines. With strong glue, place one figurine per cover then paint the whole with a spray can in the color of your choice. Repeat three times to cover well. Once the lids are dry, all you have to do is fill your jars with all kinds of objects or food that you did not know where to store! Source

Domino magnets

Ladders & Chairs Tables You don't know what to do with the dominoes that grandma Jacqueline gave your child? It is even better if they are vintage, they will give a nice retro touch to the refrigerator door. Equip yourself with adhesive magnetic strips to cut or magnets to stick to the glue, then garnish the back of a dozen dominoes. Then you just have to choose your most beautiful photos, sweet words and other memos to affix on your fridge with these magnets of the most beautiful effect. Source

The Hama pearl clock

FRK Hansen Hama beads are these famous Danish iron beads, stars of creative hobbies for children. If your toddler has put these small plastic tubes of all colors in the closet, offer to reuse them to make a clock that is as decorative as it is useful. To make it, make him create a pattern to his liking on the plastic tray provided for this purpose then, using an iron on a sheet of parchment paper, solder the beads together. Then install a clock mechanism in the center. All that remains is to hang the object on the wall. Source

The animal bookend

Liz Fourez The accessory that will put order in the library in an original way! Get four wooden rectangles adapted to the size of the figurine, then fix them two by two at right angles with strong glue. Choose two plastic elephant figurines and with the glue, fix them on the wood then paint the whole with a spray. Source

A dinosaur toilet paper holder

The Chic Site This is a funny way to divert a toy that becomes bulky when it is abandoned. Bomb the animal in the color matching the toilet, and voila. A nice setting for your toilet paper! Source

The skateboard coat rack

Skate Home Your teenager will not blame you for recycling his skateboard that he no longer uses to make a pretty coat rack. Take the four wheels from the skateboard and fix them next to each other on the board that you will hang on the wall. Source

The jewelry holder

Midcitymod An alternative to the jewelry tree that can end up cluttering your dresser. Make this coat hook to hang on the wall by cutting small plastic animal figurines in half with a cutter. Spray them with golden or colored paint three times to cover well. Choose a wooden board, paint it as you wish and glue the halves of the figurines with strong glue. Attach to the wall and hang your favorite jewelry on it. Source

The plush chair

Jesus Sauvage We have accumulated them since childhood. They are comforting and soft, of all sizes, but eventually invade the room. This is an idea that will make parents and children happy. You need to find the right, wide, screened chair and attach all the fluff to it using cable ties (which you will find in all DIY stores). The result will be as pretty as it is comfortable, even ultra soft. Source

A gold toy frame

Carolin Caroletta Kinderzimmerkunst Put together an old frame, soldiers' figurines and toy cars. With a glue gun, place the toys one by one all around the frame, against each other, checking that they are well glued. Place the frame on a newspaper mat and paint it with a golden spray can. Let dry then start again, checking that the entire frame is well covered with paint. Source