Bedroom: put on your pillows like in a hotel

Bedroom: put on your pillows like in a hotel

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For a room that does not lack style, we are inspired by hotels that stage sleeping by multiplying pillows. Result: the bed takes on volume and becomes the star of the room. Here are 10 beds inspired by hotel rooms to help you recreate this tip at home.

Pillows of different sizes

Ikea In this chic room, we have adopted two types of pillows: large models are used as pillows to dramatize the whole and smaller models give the color of the whole.

Multiplied cushions

Ikea To give this bed a romantic and cocooning atmosphere, we have multiplied the cushions by choosing different models in terms of size, pattern and color. Everything plays the feminine card.

Pillows of different shapes

Alinéa For a contemporary note in this room, the pillows play the card of sophistication. The large square models respond to the duvet cover and the smaller long and rectangular models wink at the fitted sheet.

Pillows and a bolster

Spoiler In this colorful room, the pillows are highlighted by a bolster which allows them to be straightened. For the decorative touch in addition, a colorful cushion settles on the bed.

Extra pillows

Blanc des Vosges In this room, the classic pillows are enriched with a third model which is installed in the center to dramatize the bed. Over the entire bed, a few smaller cushions add volume.

Graphic pillows

Calvin Klein Home In this designer-inspired room, the pillows stack up to create a graphic style. We then choose models of different sizes and different patterns for more style.

Waterfall pillows

Lina Forlino Here, the pillows are installed from the largest to the smallest to create a cascading volume. To accentuate the style, a shade of gray is enriched with a bright color that awakens the whole.

Pillows of different shapes

Liou The strength of a well-structured bed? Different pillow formats that give a graphic style to your bed and energize your bedroom.

Pillows in different directions

Nina Ricci Maison And the trick if your pillows are the same shape, it is to put your rectangular pillow vertically as on the image above.