Color and total look

Color and total look

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Who said the total look was totally outdated? When worked judiciously, it gives a very successful decorative result. Be careful though to add a touch of personality to avoid a result copied pasted from magazines. Each piece plays the game, so go ahead, adopt the total look in your interior!

A refined room

Ikea A safe bet, white works wonderfully in the bedroom to provide purity and design. We opt for furniture and bed linen that we associate with a white wall, to create an atmosphere of well-being while elegance.

A chalet in the mountains

Maisons du Monde The total look is not just to adopt one and the same color in the room, it is also to adopt a style. To create the authentic and charming atmosphere of a chalet in town, you can bet on raw wood furniture, aged leather seats and very cozy accessories.

Travel to Africa

Maisons du Monde It is in your children's room that the total look finds its best place. Choose a theme and apply it through accessories and furniture like this "Africa" ​​explorers' room with beige tones and a tent-shaped bed.

A blue living room

Maisons du Monde A unique color, for maximum effect in this living room with an authentic look. In addition to the walls and the blue painted fireplace, we accessorize with frames of the same color for a very successful tone on tone style.

London for teens

Maisons du Monde Ideal in a teenage bedroom, the British style is easy to adopt in total look. The British flag is available in desks, carpets, picture frames on the wall and to fine-tune the decor, bet on a wardrobe that takes the form of an English telephone box.

Seaside style

Maisons du Monde Fancy a bright decor in the colors of the ocean? The seaside style is for you! To play the style card in its entirety, bet on sober and authentic furniture, soft and natural materials as well as light colors.

Black in the bathroom

Ikea To give a touch of elegance and design to the bathroom, go for black. Do not hesitate to adopt it in total look by applying it on the walls and choosing furniture and accessories of the same color.

Sun yellow

Ikéa Bring the sun into your dining room by betting on a wall and totally yellow furniture. You can also choose a black table that will break the very present effect of the declined color.

Pink for a magical atmosphere

Maisons du Monde In a little girl's room, we play pink in all its variations to create a soft and romantic atmosphere. From furniture to bed linen and accessories, compose a tailor-made space to give the room a princess bedroom style.