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A small house of 85 m² that combines nature and vintage

A small house of 85 m² that combines nature and vintage

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Building an extension at home is often a decorative headache in order to harmonize the new and the old. In this small house of 85m², the owners have managed to enlarge the space while keeping a real unity thanks to a decor with a vintage spirit and a rather daring choice of color.

A retro kitchen fitted out in length

Fabienne Delafraye Built in a long extension, this kitchen remains very functional thanks to its two worktops.

Slate paint: fun and practical!

Fabienne Delafraye In a narrow kitchen, the important thing is to optimize the space. With this slate paint applied to the door and the furniture, we create perfect paintings to get well organized.

Plants in the kitchen for a natural decoration

Fabienne Delafraye To remind the garden, we bring nature into the house. These green plants have found their place in the kitchen decor thanks to assorted pots.

A vintage and warm dining room

Fabienne Delafraye If you want to create a warm space, wood is the ideal material. By mixing table, chairs and wooden shelves with a vintage color chart, the owners have made their dining room a convivial space of retro inspiration.

Vintage mirrors for a trendy decor

Fabienne Delafraye If these sun mirrors bring a retro touch to the decor of the dining room, they are also very useful for lighting this windowless space.

Small dining area, great tips

Fabienne Delafraye This dining area was not very large. So, to enlarge it, the owners decided to paint a wall in color - which creates depth - and to install a large mirror that reflects the light of the kitchen while enlarging the room.

Decorate without drilling by accumulating the frames

Fabienne Delafraye When the wall is not very large, we often prefer to favor storage shelves rather than decoration. In order not to give up on the decorative trend of frame walls, the owners made a little reminder by placing on the sideboard a whole collection of frames of different sizes and colors.

A staircase that blends in with the decor

Fabienne Delafraye To camouflage this large staircase which runs over two floors, all it took was a little paint on the steps and on the wall.

A discreet and well-optimized staircase

Fabienne Delafraye If this staircase goes unnoticed with its green color matching the wall, it remains imposing. In order not to lose the space it occupies, the owners have imagined storage like here with these coat hooks.

A sober retro-inspired living room

Fabienne Delafraye In this house, color is very present on the wall. We therefore avoid overloading by imagining a very refined living room. Only a few touches of color on the plaid and the cushions subtly recall the walls. Like the kitchen and the stairs, the living room furniture also cultivates a vintage touch.

A decoration in the colors of the house

Fabienne Delafraye This house was designed around three dominant colors: duck blue, khaki and putty. They are found everywhere, even in the frames that adorn the wall above the sofa.

Shelves transformed into a library

Fabienne Delafraye Developing a library by superimposing shelves makes it possible to multiply the storage spaces and especially their sizes. Convenient for storing books and decorative items!

Integrate your heating into the decoration

Fabienne Delafraye If heating is an essential element in a home, it is also quite a decorative headache. What if, rather than hiding it, we assumed it? In this house, thanks to a little black paint, the heating is an integral part of the decoration.

An office on the landing to maximize space

Fabienne Delafraye An office on a landing is not always easy to arrange. In order to find its place in the house while delimiting the space, the owners have chosen to paint a whole section of wall. For a personalized decoration, they displayed the children's masterpieces.

A colorful bathroom

Fabienne Delafraye To match the bathroom with the rest of the house, small colored tiles, using the dominant colors of the house, were installed. As for the kitchen, we painted the work plan to harmonize everything.

Recycled jars to store the bathroom

Fabienne Delafraye In decoration, nothing is lost! The owners have recycled jars to store their bathroom supplies. An idea to adopt!

Toilets that invite you to travel

Fabienne Delafraye In this house, books are everywhere ... up to the toilet! And between the map of Paris and the shelves filled with stories, the least we can say is that these toilets invite you to travel.

A natural and sober room

Fabienne Delafraye The bedroom was designed above all as a practical space with its large closets. To decorate the room, we play with the color of the doors and walls. A vegetable frieze dresses the headboard and recalls the blue present in all the other rooms.

A space reserved for children under the eaves

Fabienne Delafraye The problem when laying out the attic is the slope under the roof. Here, we found a very simple solution: the top floor of this house was reserved for children with, on one side, the bedroom and, on the other, a large play area.

A playroom in the colors of the house

Fabienne Delafraye This playroom combines a playful spirit (thanks to the wall bands) and vintage colors; an ideal solution for the room to invite entertainment while remaining in harmony with the decoration of the whole house.