KitchenAid dresses its 2015 collection with a new look

KitchenAid dresses its 2015 collection with a new look

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In 2015, KitchenAid dresses its collection of large household appliances with a new aesthetic, inspired by its legendary robot Artisan. Objective: to design high-performance devices, using avant-garde technologies from the professional world. Discover this new collection in pictures!

Versatility and maximum precision

Aurore Hervé Special mention for the artisan Twelix oven which combines versatility and precision with 38 cooking modes. By offering both professional functions, more traditional functions, low temperature cooking options, the choice of assisted steam or pure steam cooking, this oven can meet all requirements and puts the most advanced technologies at the service. culinary creativity. Four Twelix Artisan: 2,000 euros

Outstanding qualities!

Aurore Hervé If like us you like to cook good steamed dishes then you will be delighted to discover the KitchenAid steam oven. This allows 100% steam cooking (between 40 ° and 100 ° C), precise, delicate and healthy, which preserves the consistency, texture and original taste of the food. It has 12 specific sous-vide cooking functions (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit, etc.) and has two functions for reheating sous-vide food that has been kept in the refrigerator or freezer. Pure steam oven KOSCX 45600: 1 4500 euros

The Chef Touch concept

Aurore Hervé With a new design, the Chef Touch concept perfectly embodies this new trend of sous vide cooking. Thanks to it, you will be able to package, cook and store food in the simplest way possible. this is made up of three elements which can be purchased separately: a vacuum machine for packaging food, a steam oven for cooking and / or reheating vacuum food, a rapid cooling cell or Schock Freezer for cooling / quickly freeze food after vacuum cooking. KVXXX 44600 vacuum machine: 3,000 euros Shock Freezer KCBSX 60600: 5,100 euros


Aurore Hervé For this new year, KitchenAid is launching a modular concept of dominoes which allows you to personalize your cooking plan according to your preferences and culinary habits. Whatever the configuration chosen, this system brings flexibility and efficiency to a professional kitchen at home. Two gas dominoes are now presented: the first consists of an ultra-powerful 6kW double-injector burner with a Wok adapter, and the second module comprising two burners with a power of 1 kW and 3kW respectively. Domino teppanyaki KHTD2 38510: 1,700 euros Domino wok induction KHWD1 38510: 1,800 euros Gas dominoes: from 750 euros Induction dominoes: from 800 euros

Well thought out, well made

Aurore Hervé Special mention for the new range of KitchenAid dishwashers, integrated, spacious, quiet and flexible in their layout. We especially like the interior space made in a beautiful quality of stainless steel, with neat finishes and which offer exceptional washing performance while making it shiny and vibrant. Classic dishwasher KDSCM 82130: 750 euros Expert dishwasher KDSCM 82140: 850 euros Lab dishwasher KDSDM 82130: 1000 euros


Aurore Hervé Iconic design, robustness, durability, professional performance… let yourself be charmed by this new latest generation hood signed KitchenAid!

A la carte space management

Aurore Hervé Composing your layout, managing and personalizing your storage space according to your needs is child's play thanks to the Vertigo refrigerator. Its main asset: the extreme flexibility of the layout of the interior space with its tri-mode variable temperature compartment, offered in the lower part of all Vertigo refrigerator and wine cellar models. From 8,500 euros

Your best protected wines at your fingertips!

Aurore Hervé Lovers of good wines will be delighted to discover the Vertigo wine cellar. In addition to being able to keep more than 80 bottles, the new collection of wine cellars also allows the greatest vintages to mature in conditions similar to the best natural cellars. From 8,500 euros

Practice the warming drawers!

Aurore Hervé Your meal is ready, but the guests are waiting? Do not panic ! Thanks to the KitchenAid warming drawers you can keep your dishes and drinks as well as your dishes warm.