Design accessories for garden birds

Design accessories for garden birds

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To bring a decorative touch to the garden while welcoming small birds, you will be able to bet on very designer accessories! Trendy brands compete in imagination to offer original products that will be the stars of your garden.

A revisited cabin to hang

Who is Paul? In the same way, this revisited cabin can be suspended from a tree or, on the contrary, planted in the ground. No matter its place, dusted, this cabin brings a design and playful touch to the garden.

A refuge hut

Eva Solo This elongated, rounded hut settles in a tree and takes on the appearance of a beehive to blend in with the natural setting. The bird will enter through a small hole which will offer it a real refuge.

A terrace hut

Eva Solo You will find different design colors for this cabin. And know that the bird will not only be able to settle inside but also on top thanks to a kind of small terrace.

A design pool

Eva Solo So that the birds can cool off when it is hot, we have a nice standing pond where they can drink and bathe. Its original shape evokes the movement of water to make the object very poetic.

A natural nest

Eno So that the accessory is based in the garden, we also put on a model signed Eno which uses natural materials such as wood. Its original shape makes it a very design object that will not fail to question the birds.

A protection house

Eternit To protect yourself from the big birds, Eternit offers a spacious cabin which is accessed through a small hole. Birds will be able to nest there comfortably.

A terrace for birds

Magis At Magis, you will find a funny object to hang or to prick which allows the birds to land on the upper part, like on a terrace and to drink or bathe on the lower part. All in very decorative colors!

A bird feeder

Eva Solo Eva Solo also thinks of the stomachs of small birds and offers a superb feeder to stick into the ground. You will fill a tank with seeds which will fall as the bird's appetite progresses.

A hanging feeder

Eva Solo And if you prefer to install the feeder in a tree, you will also find a circular and translucent model which allows a bird to land for snacking. The style is very design and original!