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Father's Day: 10 gifts for less than 10 euros

Father's Day: 10 gifts for less than 10 euros

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After our super moms' turn, it's up to the super dads to be in the spotlight for an entire day! Are we telling them enough that we love them and that their daily support is essential? It's the perfect time to catch up but without completely emptying our wallet! This is why the editorial team blows you 10 good gift ideas for less than 10 euros.

A personalized wine label

Etsy Without wanting to get into the cliché, it is common for dads to like to drink a glass of wine ... especially after a day spent entirely with children! That's why this sticker label has it all! 4 euros To buy here

A sowing kit

Nature and discoveries As a nod to the legendary good humor of our daddy, this kit of seeds to sow will enthuse garden dads even if they lack space and must therefore be satisfied with a small corner of balcony! 4.95 euros Buy here

A bottle opener

Monopol An accessory straight from Germany! And it will change the life of your papa (and that of the other members of the family if he is a lender!): This bottle opener allows not only to uncap (the least of things) but also to recap the bottles of soda or beer opened so that they keep all their bubbles. 4.90 euros Buy here

A garden notebook

Bianca and family To complete the panoply of the perfect dad with a green hand, here is a hard cover kraft garden notebook with an elastic band to close it and a flap for storing papers. With him, the garden will be managed in the French style! 6, 50 euros To buy here

A clothespin reading lamp

Minimall For the super papa regular readers who put away their book when it is necessary to keep company with a sick child in the middle of the night, here is an original reading lamp. As a bonus, it is very practical because it allows you to hold the pages of the book. 9.90 euros Buy here

A key find

Suck UK A dad, you have to admit, it's sometimes a bit upside down. To avoid him asking for help from the whole tribe to get their hands on their keys, here is a weighty ally ... at a low price! 6.99 euros Buy here

Cable organizer

Etsy Sometimes when you have to give your father a gift, you dry up. He does not have a handbag, does not wear a tie and already has a wallet. What to do ? Why not opt ​​for the cable organizer which allows you to be neat and elegant? In leather, it is personalized with its initials. 7.50 euros To buy here

A special dad mug

A little market What could be better than declaring your flame to your dad when you get out of bed? With tea or coffee, it will immediately be very receptive! 9.95 euros Buy here

A scratch card

Etsy Here's a scratch card with an absolute chance to win! It is therefore perfect for (bad) players. So, are you going to offer Dad a hug on demand, a meeting with the barber or an hour of silence? 2 euros To buy here