In the old-style kitchen of Mimi Thorisson

In the old-style kitchen of Mimi Thorisson

Food addict since her childhood, Marie-France, better known under the name of Mimi Thorisson, devotes herself to her passion through a blog that never ceases to make our mouths water: * Eat * . Today installed in the Médoc with her husband (the author of the pictures that sublimate her blog), her 5 children, and their 14 dogs, Mimi Thorisson opens the doors of her kitchen, a place of sharing with old-fashioned charm. Visit.

Mimi's cuisine, a place of sharing

Oddur Thorisson Like any self-respecting culinary blogger, Mimi Thorisson spends a lot of time in the elegant kitchen of her Médoc house. Between exposed stones on the walls and terracotta floor tiles, it is the oak furniture, with a vintage look, like the dishes and the mottled decoration, which particularly seduces us.

Buffet and sink, old-fashioned

Oddur Thorisson Other favorites in Mimi Thorisson's kitchen? The oak dresser and sink, firm style, which bring a retro touch to perfection. We crack!

Mottled dishes and dog, de rigueur

Oddur Thorisson And to sublimate his exceptional dishes, Mimi Thorisson loves to hunt for old dishes and cutlery, in nearby flea markets. And as on many pictures of * Manger *, his blog, one of his 14 dogs, invited himself, discreetly.

Tomettes with old-fashioned charm

Oddur Thorisson On the floor, original floor tiles enhance the space and bring a vintage and original touch. And if, in addition, they are two-tone, we love it!

Marble table, a charming asset

Oddur Thorisson Ideal for peeling vegetables, cutting fruit or slicing mushrooms, a pretty marble table has also taken place in Mimi Thorisson's kitchen.

A sublimated decoration of ancient objects

Oddur Thorisson And to reinforce the vintage side of this bohemian cuisine, Mimi Thorisson unearthed pretty recycled objects: an old clock, retro decanters, copper pots…

View of garden and antique furniture

Oddur Thorisson What could be better than a breathtaking view of the property's garden to cook with a light mind? This is done in the kitchen of Mimi Thorisson, where part of the work plan overlooks the family garden. And to store the china dishes, like the old cutlery, all in style, Mimi Thorisson opted for oak furniture and shelves, with vintage and quaint charm.

Wallpaper and round table, in the dining area

Oddur Thorisson On the wall, part of Mimi Thorisson's kitchen is enhanced by a dark wallpaper, with vintage patterns, a touch of baroque. And in the small dining area, a round table was set up for meals in small groups.