I want a large work plan in my kitchen

I want a large work plan in my kitchen

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One always has the impression of running out of space, especially when preparing a meal for many guests. So why still hesitate to adopt a large work plan? Here are 10 models of kitchens very practical and flooded with space to cook with confidence.

Worktop and bar

Paragraph Very practical, this arrangement mixes work surface and rim to place ready-to-serve plates. You can even install a few bar stools there to eat like on a counter.

U-shaped work plan

Mobalpa The U-shaped kitchen plan has many advantages. It makes it possible to multiply the worktop surfaces as well as to house a multitude of large storage units and appliances.

A large central island

Lapeyre It is the ally of large kitchens. The central island serves as storage, work plan and even table for dining. Ideal for having a good time with the family.

Gray and white

Alinéa White and gray are good decorative allies, especially when it comes to cooking. To give it a very modern style, bet on a gray worktop that brings out the white of the furniture.

Total black look

Ikéa To create a very masculine kitchen, bet on a total black look. From the library to the table, through the furniture and the worktop, everything is dark to give a chic and contemporary atmosphere.

Gray and wood

Ikea Totally in tune with the times, this cuisine plays on mouse gray and raw wood. In the middle of the room, the island becomes the center of all attention on which the preparation of dishes and meals is done in a friendly atmosphere.

As in the countryside

Aim Like the country houses in which the kitchens are a real place to live, this space meets the needs of a large family. Its large wooden worktop goes perfectly with white furniture with classic lines.

Central island as work plan

Aviva In this kitchen, the central island becomes the main work plan. Another originality is the combination of beige and brown colors which gives the room a very Zen feel.


Ikéa For those who prefer a refined kitchen with plenty of room to cook, this model is ideal. With only white furniture, the kitchen looks much larger and is bathed in light.