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10 fun plates for kids to eat vegetables

10 fun plates for kids to eat vegetables

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Your pre-teen sees fries as the staple of his diet and Junior has nightmares at the sight of broccoli. Getting them to eat fruits and vegetables is a headache and you are far from alone in this case. Fortunately, the parents' solidarity is organized via social networks which abound in staging of fruits and vegetables full of humor and poetry. By transforming banana rings into adorable mutton or peas and broccoli into octopus, you are sure that your kids will look at their plates differently!

The broccoli tree

Kix cereal One of the most feared vegetables of our children? Broccoli of course! This will make them escape and maybe convert them to green vegetables in general. Provided that this tree is accompanied by a river of cream sauce full of gluttony. Perfect for a healthy and vegetarian aperitif! The recipe on Kix cereal

Banana designs

The banana police On this blog which is aptly named, you will find a whole series of scenes around the banana. Their watchword? Be playful and accessible like this tropical plate and this crunchy earthworm in an apple. The banana police recipes

The flowering peppers

Eggs If we had told your children - and you - that in just a few minutes you would turn red and yellow peppers into flowers! To do this, simply cut the bottom of a pepper, break an egg in it and cook in the pan. The recipe on Eggs

Green vegetables octopus

Healthy food In the family of vegetables that are often shunned, peas and broccoli have nothing to envy of spinach. We therefore admire the audacity of this creative cook who decided to unite them to transform them… into octopus! A few grains of corn complete the picture to imitate the sand of the ocean. The recipe on Healthy food

The grapefruit owl

Canadian Family Your children tell you that it is acidic and that it stings, but you know that grapefruit is above all the fruit of vitamin C and antioxidants. This is why this little fruity owl, accompanied by clementines, blueberries and banana slices will be most beautiful for breakfast. The height for a nocturnal animal! The recipe on Canadian Family

Field flowers

Creative fun 4 you The three ingredients of this flower recipe? Carrot, cucumber and orange. The result is very simple: the carrots were cut into rings and cooked. They surround a slice of orange while a few pieces of cucumber form the stems and leaves. The recipe on Creative fun 4 you

Kiwi caterpillar

Kix cereal Your kids may not be very fond of it, but the kiwi is packed with vitamins. Cut into slices, it turns into a nice caterpillar that changes from the classic fruit salad. The recipe on Kix cereal

Clementine animals

Little cook You like the idea of ​​decorating your children's plates but it turns out that you have few ingredients on hand and little time to give to taste. Taratata, we have what you need! The snail or frog clementine. We guarantee that your children will not be able to resist them. The recipe on Little cook

The sandwich man

O boy ogarnic If you are told that on this slice of puffed rice, you will place, air of nothing, the 5 vegetables of the day? In small quantities, of course, but all the same. To make it you will indeed need olives, carrot, cucumber, avocado (mashed) and a piece of pepper. The recipe for O boy ogarnic