Does the color green have a place in a kitchen?

Does the color green have a place in a kitchen?

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If the green brings bad luck to the theater, it is not the case in the kitchen! Sometimes reassuring, sometimes soothing or dynamic, this shade has many qualities to boost your space. Green has finally found its place in our interiors, but you still have to know how to use it. Façades of furniture, wall painting or decorative accessories, what are the good ways to dare in the kitchen? The editorial gives you some good ideas.

A credenza with green patterns

Darty This is one of the kitchen accessories that you can customize to your liking. In this Reuilly kitchen signed Darty, the splashback is adorned with a lawn motif which brings color to the Scandinavian style room. Add some aromatic plants for more harmony.

Green to give a graphic style

Arthur Bonnet Green goes very well with other colors if used in small touches. The proof, this narrow kitchen seems much more spacious with storage units in different colors. The little extra? Put a tangy color as protection against baking sheets.

Paint a section of wall in apple green

SoCoo'c To give your kitchen a facelift without completely renovating it, a good touch of green paint on part of a wall can transform your room. Consider attaching plant suspensions or photo frames to further decorate the space.

A multicolored piece of furniture

Cuisinella Green can be installed in the kitchen through the fronts of your storage units but also thanks to open colored shelves like these. It's up to you to install them as you see fit, creating a graphic shape that catches the eye.

Soft green storage furniture

Cuisine Lareduc What could be better than a soothing shade when you are behind the stove? To prepare your recipes in a calm and serene atmosphere, choose elements of tender green cuisine that will put you in the mood!

Emerald green paint

Castorama To revive an old kitchen, nothing like a dark green like this emerald green shade which can be applied as well on a concrete wall as on a brick wall or open shelves. The little extra? Combine stools and decorative elements in the same colors.

An almond green worktop

Velux In this kitchen under the eaves, the central island and the work plan respond to each other since they are painted in the same color. This almond green creates a soothing ambiance nicely enhanced by the natural light that illuminates the work surface.

Light up neon green elements

Lareduc kitchen If you like color, don't hesitate to opt for neon green kitchen elements. Put them even more in value thanks to recessed LED spots that you will install under tall furniture, on the ceiling or even under the worktop of the central island.

Choose a verdigris for the undecided!

Dulux Valentine You hesitate between a darker gray shade and a not too pronounced green? Choose an alternative: verdigris. It goes well with all styles of cuisine and brings a vintage touch, especially with raw materials such as wood or marble.

Flashy green for the walls

Kitchen Plus Choosing the color of your kitchen walls can change the mood you want to bring in the blink of an eye. With very wise white furniture, you can opt for flashy green walls. Original, right?

Green paneling

Ikea To give an additional touch of charm to this cottage-style kitchen, the paneled walls have been covered with a soft light green paint.

Apple green for facades

Leroy Merlin Do you fancy a vitamin-rich and sparkling cuisine that puts you in a good mood as soon as you pass the door? So, dare the apple green for the facades of your kitchen. To avoid the too much side, mix them with other white facades and enjoy the result!

A green wall of water

Ikea Pastel colors are fun in all rooms of the house and even in the kitchen as this delicate green water on the wall proves. With furniture in Scandinavian lines and colors, the atmosphere is soft and relaxing.

Electric green and blue mixer

Cuisine Plus Even daring to dare green in the kitchen, why not mix it with another strong color like electric blue. Exploding !

Green to highlight an original design

Kitchen Plus In this kitchen which has bet on a rounded design, the choice of green is a very good idea to accentuate the desire for originality. Attention: we dare to use it sparingly, on all low furniture for example.

For a country house style

Schmidt If you are worried that white country-style furniture will sadden your kitchen, you can choose it in a pretty light green. Combined with dark beige walls, the result is superb.

A natural wall in the kitchen

Dulux Valentine To awaken a single section of wall in the kitchen, choose to repaint it in a most natural green. Thus, your kitchen utensils are beautifully put on the scene with a few nails.

A floral wallpaper

Cuisine Plus To accompany this very light light gray wooden furniture, a wallpaper with large green flowers was chosen. A daring bias, but what a success!

A forest green wall

Ikea White furniture and light wood delight perfectly on this large forest green wall. The most to complete the atmosphere of this cuisine: add here and there some green or aromatic plants.