A small Scandinavian-inspired setting in Ingarö, Sweden

A small Scandinavian-inspired setting in Ingarö, Sweden

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Spectacular architecture for this design and contemporary house located in Ingarö in Sweden. Nestled in a picturesque environment, this creation built on a plot of 3000 square meters always seems to have existed, as it has been able to integrate into the surrounding landscape. Designed in 2007, the architect, Gabriel Minguez, was inspired by the Japanese style, its simplicity and its innate harmony. The result is a refuge that pays homage to the splendor of Swedish nature. Discovery in pictures!

Take advantage of external constraints

Gabriel Minguez In this house immersed in the countryside, the architect has created an atypical and warm space. And by making stone a signature, he imagined an authentic setting where we like to relax. The particularity of the show: there is a real rock!

A space bathed in light

Gabriel Minguez To take full advantage of this exceptional landscape, many openings punctuate the interior of the house. These create a very soothing atmosphere.

A mineral decor

Gabriel Minguez To plant this mineral-inspired decor, Gabriel Minguez did not hesitate to put stone and concrete in the spotlight. An interior that is both raw and elegant, which forms a wonderful link between the interior and the exterior.

Modern design

Gabriel Minguez Notice to lovers of harmonious and superfluous pieces, you will quickly fall under the charm of the peaceful beauty of this sublime dining area. The predominant white color in the room gives it a very trendy, Zen spirit. The table in the dining room, simple and unadorned, is the promise of many family evenings.

Scandinavian interior

Gabriel Minguez Sober and refined, the whole house is a fine example of Scandinavian design. Many windows and bay windows provide natural light and reinforce the feeling of space in this long corridor.

A calm and soothing room

Gabriel Minguez Pretty association of mineral colors for this bedroom without superfluity. A concrete imitation floor, immaculate walls, a blue bedding set, for a space where life is good.

A welcoming cocoon

Gabriel Minguez The immaculate bathroom is accompanied by a beige floor and countertop to avoid a certain monochrome. The modern furnishings combine perfectly with the white of the room. A few touches of greenery and ethnic decorative elements make it possible to raise the realization and bring a certain zenitude.

The authenticity of a minimalist decor

Gabriel Minguez More modest in size, a second bathroom was designed by the architect. The silver fittings bring a very particular elegance to the room. The furniture with strict lines and neutral colors create an intimate atmosphere focusing on sobriety.


Gabriel Minguez This installation, as luxurious as it is comfortable, ideally finds its place in this authentic interior. This dry heat bath from the Nordic countries offers residents the opportunity to relax at leisure. Designed in a sturdy wooden cabin, this sauna pays homage to Scandinavian design.