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10 decorative stairs to discover in pictures

10 decorative stairs to discover in pictures

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The stairs are not always very aesthetic. However, they can become real decorative assets as evidenced by the 10 stairs that we have selected to inspire you.

Stairs with a shelf

Here, the staircase is bordered by a low wall which allows this space to be used as a shelf so as to have a few decorative objects which sublimate it.

Sculpture-like stairs

In this large room, the staircases as if suspended play the sculptural card by giving a very contemporary atmosphere to the space.

Stairs with a library

To make these spiral staircases more decorative, a bookcase was added against the wall. Thus, the staircase is used to access the first floor but also to retrieve books in height.

Stairs with a carpet

To give a classic style to these stairs, we opted for a striped stair carpet that gives an elegant look to the beautiful wooden steps.

Stairs work of art

If you want exceptional stairs, why not take inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and opt for a metal spiral staircase? This offers a romantic style to the room.

Stairs dressed in stone

Here, we have chosen to sublimate the staircase corridor by adopting a stone wall facing which gives a mineral atmosphere to the whole space.

Hanging stairs

Without a ramp, these stairs seem suspended and offer a very designer style to the room. Be careful with security!

Raw wooden stairs

Here, the charm of these stairs comes from the old spirit. We leave the raw wood and we like the not quite straight steps which give character to this corridor.

Invisible stairs

For maximum discretion, these stairs free themselves from the banister. In profile, we only see a diagonal beam for a refined style. More inspiration here