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Do you know these 10 mountain flowers?

Do you know these 10 mountain flowers?

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The queen of mountain flowers is becoming increasingly rare. If you come face to face with this almost woolly-looking white star, take a picture of it but do not touch it, it is protected. On the other hand, it is easy to grow in a planter or in poor, rocky soil, with sunny exposure. All our edelweiss culture tips

Panicaut or blue thistle from the Alps

If your hiking trail crosses the Hautes-Alpes, you are likely to encounter sumptuous blue thistles up to 60 cm in height. Admire them, but do not pick them, this has been prohibited since 1982 and only cultivars are available for sale.

Aster of the Alps

Also nicknamed the "queen daisy of the Alps", this aster is a pretty little colorful star that can grow up to 3000m above sea level. It flowers in early summer or fall depending on the variety. If it is cultivated very well in a fresh and light soil, nothing prevents you from making a small bouquet of wild flowers, except in France-Comté where it is protected.


Flowers of garden and undergrowth, the digitalis also grow in altitude up to 1000m and it is not rare to meet them up to 1800m in the Pyrenees. Their immense and elegant floral stems are recognized from afar thanks to their spectacular white, pink or mauve flowering. But beware digital is very toxic, do not touch it! All our digital culture tips

The lily of the Pyrenees

As its name suggests, this lily is only found in the… Pyrenees! Its elegant orange-yellow flowers are speckled with brown and it is lent to this variety of medicinal properties to treat sores and mosquito bites. A variety to look for during your walks in the Pyrenees, but also in the Black Mountains.

Clematis of the Alps

A clematis in the mountains? But yes, this variety, also called Alpine atragene, thrives at altitude up to 2400m! In its natural environment, it climbs trees or rocks and flowers in June and July. But if you prefer to grow it in pots in your garden, know that it will flower earlier, around March-April!

Alpine anemone (Pulsatilla alpina)

To find this charming anemone during a hike, you will have to look at ground level. This graceful flower of about twenty centimeters generally grows in the meadows of altitude, between 1000 and 2750m. But contrary to what its name might suggest, it grows as much in the Alps as in the Massif Central, the Pyrenees and all the mountainous regions of Europe!

Alpine pansy (Viola calcarata)


If you want to photograph a thought of the Alps, you will have to choose a hiking trail in the Western Alps, if possible in the high pastures of the Mercantour National Park. This is where you will have the best chance of discovering this pretty mountain flower.

The iris of the Pyrenees

Characteristic of the beauty of the Pyrenean landscapes, the iris latifolia has large blue flowers which enliven mountain meadows throughout the summer. After flowering, its foliage lasts a long time. A very beautiful plant to admire only with the eyes!