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10 storage spaces around the bed

10 storage spaces around the bed

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In small spaces, the bed is not only the furniture reserved for sleep. Multiplying the tricks, it allows to store and save space. Demonstration in pictures.

Storage on the bed

Ikéa ### Hanging from the box spring, a light and discreet storage system valiantly accommodates everything you need to work with your feet under the sheets: pens, notepads, diary and notebook.

Improvised storage under the bed

Ikea ### Too bad not to use the space available under the bed when it is not equipped with suitable drawers. Unless you fill up with decorative boxes, real totes that are easy to slip under the box spring…

Storage at the foot of the bed

Goal ### Thanks to a sliding system installed at ground level, under the upper part of the bed, you can take out your bedside books in two three movements, without having to leave the duvet.

Headboard storage

Fly ### Equipped with a central shelf, the headboard offers storage space within easy reach. Ideal for installing a night library corner!

Storage above the bed

Ikéa ### In the same spirit as the headboard / shelf, the solo shelf is fixed one meter above our pillow to keep computer, glasses or books close at hand.

Storage on the sides of the bed

Ikéa ### Thanks to a headboard fitted with shelves on each side, the bed becomes a storage area for trinkets, plaids and future readings, which can be grasped with an arm movement.

Sliding storage under the bed

Ikéa ### The box spring plays the multifunctional play with two imposing drawers allowing you to slide your wardrobe, shoes, old objects, accessories out of season or treasures under the bed.

Storage space next to the bed

Ikéa ### To give the bed a monumental look while playing the practicality card, we frame it on both sides of tall storage units.

High storage above the bed

Ikea ### The space available on the wall overhanging the bed is not lost if you take advantage of it to fix storage shelves.