I want a black and white Christmas!

I want a black and white Christmas!

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Even at Christmas, the decor can be graphic, sharp and original. For this, we swap the traditional red and green decorations with black and white accessories with contemporary patterns. Result: a festive decor full of personality, which shakes up the codes with elegance. Demonstration in 10 super chic ideas!

Black and white Christmas decorations

Ikea But who says Christmas tree does not necessarily mean red garlands and golden balls! With only a few black and white decorations, your tree will be at the height of chic…

A black table of absolute elegance

Broste Copenhagen White candles and brass accessories contrast beautifully with the deep black of a linen tablecloth. A beautiful idea, more festive than one might think.

Black and white Christmas tableware

Pinterest Tableware is also in tune with these white plates decorated with black fir trees. Graphic, fun and original.

Deceptively traditional deco mugs

H&M Home At coffee time (or mulled wine!), These mugs play on both counts. The conventional precision of reindeer and rabbit designs contrasts with the modernity of black and white for a very successful effect.

Graphic patterns above all

Charhadas With black and white, we can afford to mix stripes, tiles, peas and all kinds of patterns without hesitation. We take advantage!

White candles, black candle holders

Ikea To adopt the black and white style without breaking the bank, we set the table without fuss with its everyday white dishes and we put black candle holders with white candles in the center of the table. So ?

A black and white Christmas sock

Sostrene Grene Even the most traditional Christmas decorations are available in black and white! If you thought that Santa's socks were all red and white, here is the proof to the contrary!

Black and white DIY name tags

Pinterest A domed pine cone with black paint, a star cut from thick white paper, a black felt pen ... And these are beautiful name badges to adorn your Christmas table!

Modern gift packages

Hello Blogzine And for the picture to be perfect, all you have to do is wrap your gifts of black, white, or black and white paper… Play with strings and ribbons to create contrasts, add a small branch of holly, short have fun seeing Christmas in black and white! Source: Hello Blogzine