10 separation ideas for small spaces

10 separation ideas for small spaces

When you live in small spaces, you sometimes need to be clever to separate the bedroom from the living room or the kitchen from the dining room. To keep a little privacy in each room without necessarily resorting to major work, we put on accessories or a few tricks paint level. We optimize, let the light pass while elegantly delimiting the different spaces of the apartment. Here are some ideas to help you partition two spaces cheaply and without ruining your decor.

A green wall to lightly partition

Castorama If you want to separate two spaces in your living room while bringing a touch of freshness, consider creating a green wall. The modular elements make it possible to lighten the separation by punctuating the heights. Plants, on the other hand, will bring a pleasant breath of air into the room.

Sliding Japanese panels

Leroy Merlin Totally in tune with the times, Japanese panels allow you to separate two spaces according to your needs, without installing a real, more expensive partition. We use them without depriving ourselves in a small apartment to detach the bedroom from the living room or the office part of the living space.

A designer screen

Charles Kalpakian Besides being pretty, the screen is very practical for delimiting any space. You can thus separate an office area from a bedroom area and allow each space to retain its primary function. The designers propose very beautiful projects to transform this usual object into a real work of art, like the Hawa screen, imagined by Charles Kalpakian.

A half-height shelf that separates without shrinking

Purpose In a studio, there is often a lack of privacy and storage. With a half-height shelf positioned between the day and night part, the room retains its perspectives while isolating the sleeping area. Most ? The accessible boxes on both sides will form an optimized library space and the top of the furniture will serve as a console for decoration or photos.

Contrasting paint

Leroy Merlin To separate the dining area from the living area, you can opt for a very different choice of paint in each area, which will highlight each space. We like what was done here with a very graphic turquoise blue covering the walls like the living room floor. A daring bet that will bring a very decorative look to your apartment if it is mastered.

A canopy that lets light through

Sabine Serrad Ideal for separating two rooms without losing brightness, we opt for the canopy in the workshop style. Besides its elegance and modernity, we like its lightness and the fact that it retains perspectives. The spaces are then well demarcated without being narrowed.

A fixed partition in translucent panels

Leroy Merlin To separate two spaces and fully preserve their privacy, we choose a fixed partition of the Japanese translucent or full type, depending on the brightness of each space. We like here the mix of panels that brings dynamism and that adorns the partition.

A delicate veil to delimit the room

Ikea To bring privacy in a unique room where bedroom and living room coexist, we opt for a white curtain installed all around the bed. The lightness of the veil allows light to enter the sleeping area while transforming it into a real cocoon. In terms of decoration, the atmosphere will be summery, fresh and very sweet.

An airy shelf to separate the bathroom

Castorama To preserve a little privacy in an open bathroom, we think of installing a large shelf that runs to the ceiling. The space is not entirely closed, nor entirely open.