A villa with avant-garde architecture in Bali

A villa with avant-garde architecture in Bali

It is to the rhythm of nature that Bali and Villa Ballom, an enclave of peace located on the tranquil island of Lombok, face Sira Beach breathe. Built on a magnificent coconut grove, respecting its spectacular environment, the villa offers an ideal base for exploring this impressive city as much as the magical island that hosts it. Discovery of the place!

A natural hill

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista What is special about this vast property? Its dependence which gives the impression of having been built inside a natural hillock. This effect is the result of the inherent rendering of the lawn that covers the upper part of this set. It is the same for the main house which brings together the traditional spirit of Western modernism characterized by the pavilion housing the home cinema and the partially glazed roof of the building.


VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista Located in the main building of the property, the living and dining area is characterized by a warm dark wooden floor and imposing beams lit by rectangular suspensions covered with fabrics with graphic patterns. In the living room, a few touches of wood, punctuated with a zest of colors and comfortable sofas warm this modern and elegant decor.

Glass walls

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista This sculptural house has been designed to live both indoors and outdoors. A breakthrough of excessive and extravagant openings, the TV room allows passing guests to enjoy this exceptional panorama, day or night.


VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista The shades of beige, brown and white, soft and soothing, create an atmosphere conducive to falling asleep and sublimate the bold architecture of this beautiful room, a bit futuristic. A mix of materials for a brilliant design effect!

Erase the boundaries between interior and exterior

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista It is impossible to be more open to nature than this mineral-colored outdoor shower which promotes natural light.

Between tradition and modernity

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista An inexhaustible source of inspiration for guests looking for exotic flavors, this bedroom with mineral hues and noble materials is the promise of unforgettable moments of escape. The combination of traditional and contemporary pieces creates a striking contrast! Gorgeous !

A luxurious cocoon with breathtaking views

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista An elegant freestanding bathtub and small pebbles set the tone for this bright, minimalist Zen-inspired bathroom. The combination of natural elements - beige pebbles, black stone tiles and the warm presence of wood - creates a tropical resort atmosphere. With the sea in sight!

A traditional rice granary revisited

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista Near the alley leading to the main house, a traditional rice granary has been converted into a massage room. The light tones of the furniture call for calm and allow guests to enjoy the care provided at the two massage tables in complete peace of mind.

Safe Haven

VISA002 / Bali Premium-Bellavista Imagined as a small swimming pool, the pool gives this delicious impression of being one with nature. The glass walls allow them to merge the interior and exterior spaces. Villa Ballom: -