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Decryption of the retro bathroom

Decryption of the retro bathroom

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This week Sophie and Thomas are going to decorate the small contemporary bathroom of the Appart Téva Déco. The theme proposed by Cendrine: a retro 1930s style bathroom. Also, you will discover how, with a lot of ideas, it is easy to transform a room like the bathroom.

The decorative tracks chosen by Sophie and Thomas

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco - Sophie and Thomas have chosen to put on a very dark decor, favoring black and white, with checkerboard-effect floors, to be transported in the 1930s. In the bathroom. They will be customized to reveal a whole different face. - And one last idea, these are the accessories that will continue to tell the story of the 1930s.


Robin Clouet / TévaDéco To meet the codes of the 1930s, the decor is set in black and white tones. On the floor, a checkered effect vinyl is laid over the entire surface. Easy to install, it can be applied directly to its old floor.

Accessories that do it all

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The screen, very present in the bathrooms of the beginning of the last century, allows to create a small partition between the bathroom and the toilets. It adds a small beauty salon effect reinforced by the custom console with a marble top.

Wall cladding

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The wall surface is painted in mouse gray, less oppressive than black. And a metro tile imitation vinyl is placed on part of the walls. With its domed effect, it is striking realism.

Furniture transformation

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The apron of the bathtub is covered with a sticker. Made to measure, it represents an old bathtub with lion feet. An economical solution which avoids starting works and which has a small effect. The vanity unit has just been covered with black adhesive vinyl and fitted with new diamond effect handles.

A touch of chic

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco A gallery of mirrors is hung on the wall. Different shapes and sizes, they make up a harmonious whole that enlarges the space. A practical and decorative solution, easy to redo at home.

Before after

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The result is stunning. The contemporary bathroom has taken a real step back. With a wealth of tips and good ideas, she unveils a new style without breaking the bank.