Paris Fair 2015: best-of household appliances that make life easier

Paris Fair 2015: best-of household appliances that make life easier

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For the tenth year, the Paris Fair has given particular importance to household appliances by presenting new products at the Grand Prix de l'Innovation. The editor of you delivers his favorites among the 36 selected!

An ironing and pressing board

Laurastar So that ironing is no longer an ordeal, the solution may be to equip yourself well! And with this board model equipped with a blower to prevent wrinkles and a suction function for impeccable folds, our life will be made easier! The plus: pulsed steam for optimal dosing without wasting energy. Who says better ? ** Pulse Anniversary Edition sheet by Laurastar **

A connected multi-cooker

Moulinex If you are one of those people who are always doing several things at the same time, you will love this first multi-cooker connected via Bluetooth! Using your smartphone or tablet, you can control the Cookeo and monitor cooking remotely. Practical, right? ** Moulinex Cookeo connected multi-cooker **

A super powerful stick vacuum

Dyson Behind this stick vacuum cleaner as powerful as a standard vacuum cleaner hides of course the vacuum specialist, Dyson. Thanks to a V6 digital motor (more than 110,000 revolutions per minute) and the composition of its brush, this new model is capable of vacuuming fine dust such as large debris. ** Dyson V6 Fluffy stick vacuum **

A smart scale

Terraillon With the new Nutrilab scale from Terraillon, weighing becomes intelligent. Coupled with the Wellness Coach app, you can determine the nutritional composition of foods as well as the energy values ​​of prepared meals. A novelty rewarded by the Grand Prize for Bronze Innovation. ** Nutrilab from Terraillon **

6ème Sens Live, the new product from Whirlpool

Whirlpool Whirlpool has imagined a range of 4 100% connected devices that can be programmed and controlled remotely from a tablet or smartphone. The plus: the devices can even communicate with each other like the washing machine and the dryer for example. ** Whirlpool's 6th Sense Live Connectivity range **

Induction cooking

Magimix In addition to its 12 automatic programs, the Magimix Cook Expert food processor contains a little secret: it performs precise cooking during induction! ** Cook Expert from Magimix **

Time-saving cooking

Neff Cooking for many of us may seem like a waste of time on other activities. So Neff imagined an oven which allows us to save 20% of time on cooking. In addition, to be sure to succeed your dishes every time, you have a temperature probe. At your stove! ** Neff VarioSteam multifunction oven **

A cordless canister vacuum

LG Electronics Connect, disconnect, reconnect, reconnect ... and if you were no longer dependent on the size of the wire of your vacuum cleaner which requires more back and forth than expected during its passage? Thanks to the LG cordless vacuum cleaner, you can now clean all the rooms of the house without interruption. ** CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner from LG Electronics **

An ultra-efficient air purifier

Rowenta With the gold medal of the Grand Prix de l'Innovation at the Paris Fair 2015, Rowenta's air purifier did not leave the editorial staff indifferent! With a unique filtration system (4 filtration levels), it manages indoor air and controls its quality in real time.