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The 10 emblematic creations of designer Cédric Ragot

The 10 emblematic creations of designer Cédric Ragot

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Cédric Ragot is a polymorphic French designer. He created his own design studio: Cédric Ragot, Design Studio V2.0, but he also works to support prestigious brands in their development and positioning. Rewarded multiple times, this prolific creator shows great intuition. Some of his pieces are part of the collection of the National Fund for Contemporary Art and are exhibited in Paris, Hanover, Vienna, New York, Milan.

Butler - Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot Always ready to be of service, these pedestal tables with clean and elegant lines play with balance. The weight of the tray is distributed over the ground socket.

Carpet - Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot This rug is part of the capsule collection of the Roche Bobois brand. After giving the designer carte blanche, the latter delivers a series of furniture and rugs which he calls "Free composition". Here, the carpet of original shape and shades of blue recreates the effect of a vibration.

Flat cables - Lacie

Cédric Ragot Sporting different colors to be easily recognizable according to their destination, these cables were awarded at the Red Dot Design Award 2009.

Nautil - Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot This ultra comfortable sofa catches the eye at first glance. Shell-like, it invites you to relax.

Ublo - Who Is Paul?

Cédric Ragot Finding its place both inside and outside the house, this rotomolded polyethylene furniture offers elegant and generous lines while being comfortable.

28'18 '' Moment - Häagen-Dazs

Cédric Ragot For its 50th anniversary, Häagen-Dazs called on Cédric Ragot. The latter then creates an object that is both offbeat and practical. Accompanied by a gourmet tool, the Ice Twist, it is ideal for sculpting, delicately scraping ice cream.

Sir - Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot This secretary remains at your service. The tilting shelf allows you to open or close it for a minimum of space and its magnetic shelves are arranged according to your good will.

Hyper Fast - Ymer & Malta

Cédric Ragot Representing a Ming vase frozen in a movement of acceleration, this creation was published in limited number, due to its complex production. It won over the National Contemporary Art Fund which acquired it in 2006.

Precious Tables - Roche Bobois

Cédric Ragot Cut like a diamond, these tables with their steel legs are aerial. They are covered with a glass tray so as not to break their lightness.