10 kitchens with optimized storage

10 kitchens with optimized storage

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If there's one thing that shouldn't be missing in the kitchen, it's storage! Cupboards, drawers and other shelves are indeed necessary for storing dishes and many utensils. We have found for you 10 kitchens where storage is particularly well thought out. To discover in pictures!

A kitchen with storage space up to the ceiling

Ikea In this kitchen, the storage could not be more optimized since the cupboards are installed up to the ceiling. Then remember to store the utensils you use little in the upper part.

A kitchen that serves as storage for the living room

Ikea This funny kitchen is an integral part of the living room. Suddenly, it is adorned with storage shelves that will allow you to store any choice of living room accessories or beautiful dishes.

A kitchen with storage shelves

Ikea Here, we put aside the kitchen furniture to afford an entire wall of shelves for storing dishes and condiments. A real decorative originality!

A kitchen with an additional shelf

Paragraph To maximize the storage space, we adopt an additional shelf which is installed on the credenza. Ideal for storing the most used dishes such as everyday glasses.

A kitchen with custom storage

Ikea Ideal for tidying up as much as possible? A custom kitchen that meets the constraints of your room. Here, the storage spaces adapt, for example, perfectly to the sub-slope of the ceiling.

A kitchen with a seat / storage

Aviva When the kitchen is also used as a dining area, we don't hesitate to use seats that will serve as storage! Like here where the table bench contains practical drawers.

A kitchen with a storage wall

Darty To have enough cupboards, this kitchen is fully equipped with a storage wall with cupboards of different sizes to meet all needs.

A kitchen with maximized storage

Fly In this kitchen, the entire wall surface is devoted to storage with the only space for the splashback. We can't tidy up anymore!

A kitchen with storage lockers

Mobalpa To make the most of the kitchen space, you can also add storage lockers on the wall so that you can store a few dishes but also decorative accessories.