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10 clever pieces of furniture for small spaces

10 clever pieces of furniture for small spaces

To optimize the space of small spaces, certain pieces of furniture are real assets. Whether you live in a studio or want to better fit out a small room, here are pieces of furniture that could well help you take advantage of your square meters. Discover them in pictures.

A sofa bed

Ikea To make your room as much a bedroom as a living room, you can bet on a piece of furniture in between which not only acts as a soft sofa but also as a comfortable bed for one person. Do not hesitate to add a lot of cushions to make your space even more comfortable.

A table with flaps

Ikea Because you do not always need a large table, it is sometimes clever to use a flap model. When you receive friends for dinner, it will easily welcome your guests and when it is less useful, its size decreases to allow free circulation. A real space saving solution.

Nesting tables

Ikea Likewise, your coffee table does not always have to be this large. You can then prefer nesting tables that will stack to form a single small table when not in use or three side tables for aperitifs with friends.

An office for two

Ikea If you are sharing your space with a second person, consider choosing furniture that will be useful to both. To save space, you can for example choose a clever desk that accommodates two people rather than two pieces of furniture that will take up double the space.

A service that follows your needs

Ikea Sometimes we need a little extra piece of furniture that can move as needed: from the kitchen to the dining room for an aperitif or from the bedroom to the living room for reading. Then choose a practical service which incorporates wheels to follow your needs. Opt for a model with several trays to maximize storage.

Stacking furniture

Ikea You don't always have space on the ground but you have height? No problem, there are pieces of furniture that can be stacked to optimize the wall storage area by investing its full height. This solution will be ideal for storing books or shoes.

A living room table on casters

Ikea When your furniture has casters, it immediately becomes easier to live with. You can move them when you need more space. If your sofa turns into a bed, it will be very practical to be able to easily move the living room table.

Small nomad storage

Ikea The storage compartment is a daily ally for all those who leave small things lying around here and there. Choose small flexible baskets in different formats: they will stack up once your things are stored to form a single object.

A clever sofa

Ikea If your living room is also your bedroom, bet on a sofa that turns into a bed. And to make it even smarter, choose a model with storage drawers under the box spring.