My decor in dark purple

My decor in dark purple

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Picking plums, blueberries and grapes in the decor! With the dark purple color, the different rooms of the house display their personality, while playing the card of femininity and elegance. Demonstration in pictures.

In baby's room

Leroy Merlin ### With its four eggplant-colored walls, the baby's room, freed from the eternal girly rose, opts for a soft retro atmosphere where it is good to dream.

On the headboard

Fly ### White decor in the bedroom, with the exception of a purple headboard that does not fail to stand out, for a very feminine atmosphere.

On the couch

Ikéa ### The feminine touch of the living room? The dark purple color of the sofa ... Or how to give character to the central room of the house.

For furniture

Ikéa ### Ladies, here are blueberry-colored pieces of furniture that will blend perfectly into your glamorous and highly feminine universe.

For storage boxes

Ikea ### In women's wardrobe, clothes are not the only ones to display chic colors. With their pretty plum hue, even shoe storage boxes are becoming trendy.

In the kitchen

Fly ### Strange to repaint the kitchen in purple? Not at all ! On a plum background, these wooden pieces of furniture are highlighted and the atmosphere becomes chic.

In the bedroom

Fly ### With a plum color code, the room invites you to daydream. Yes, purple is synonymous with contemplation…

In the living room

Fly ### A fine example of a salon that combines femininity and character. A set that we mainly owe to the choice of dark purple for the sofa.

For the workspace

Paragraph ### Purple is the ideal color for focusing. We therefore gladly adopt it in the office area!