Unusual: a dream villa half underwater

Unusual: a dream villa half underwater

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The Floating Seahorse is a floating boat project imagined and developed in Dubai. This boat, which looks more like a floating villa, has 3 levels, one of which is submerged in the water, allowing you to enjoy a breathtaking underwater view from your bed or bathtub! Discover the incredible images of this idyllic project!

A futuristic island

The Floating Seahorse At night, this modern and design house is even more beautiful. The soft light it diffuses does not disturb its environment. Its multiple terraces allow you to fully enjoy the sweet evenings in the middle of the sea.

A jacuzzi on the terrace

The Floating Seahorse The roof terrace has a jacuzzi, as well as an outdoor kitchen, a mini-bar and an outdoor shower. A very luxury layout that allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape, but also of the sky thanks to the roof window.

A living room bathed in light

The Floating Seahorse The living room is spacious and very bright thanks to the large bay windows which opens onto a terrace particularly suitable for relaxation. The walls and the floor are covered with wood to make this design space very warm.

Take a bath under the sea

The Floating Seahorse On the lower level, one bedroom and one bathroom offer an absolutely magical view. It is possible to admire the flora and fauna underwater from its bath (fresh water!). Again, the layout is very luxurious with a marble floor, a large walk-in shower or a screen integrated into the wall to watch a movie from the bathtub.

Sleep among the corals

The Floating Seahorse Same idyllic decor for the bedroom thanks to a huge picture window that allows you to fall asleep while observing fish and corals. We would dream of spending just one night!