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Design pendant lights for all rooms

Design pendant lights for all rooms

The pendant lights shed light on the design. 10 designer pendant lights for all rooms. To hang as you see fit!

The transparent lamp

Maison du monde For maximum brightness and clarity, we choose a pendant lamp whose shade is made of glass. This calls on the collective imagination of lighthouses or exterior lighting. So we bring the sea, the garden or the good weather inside for casual dinners.

The bulb lamp

Alinéa For an original and offbeat design, we ignore the lampshades and leave the bulb bare or almost. Here it is the bulb itself which makes the design of the room.

The hanging lamp

Blumen Suspension, bedside, mood or desk lamp, at Blumen we can do almost everything. The portable lamp can be posed on the ground or on a piece of furniture but also take height thanks to its long red cable which one will have no trouble hanging on the ceiling or to tie around a nail on the wall, for an even more design industrial.

The color lamp

Maisons du Monde Tired of dull design lamps? Tired of the lack of color in your interior? Maisons du Monde has found the solution with this lamp which recalls the industrial design of large warehouses by adding the touch of color necessary for good humor.

The lamp that sees double

Ikea Offered here at Ikea in two versions for the office, only it also adapts very well to any room. A simple and well thought out design that will appeal to everyone and for all rooms.

The nature lamp

Maisons du Monde In a dining room or in a bedroom, this wooden pendant lamp calls for conviviality. The warm and warm light does not overlook a functional and tasteful design.

The gold lamp

Maisons du Monde To shine with a thousand lights and make your guests want to travel with you, nothing like a lamp with golden reflections. Placed in the office, it coordinates with beautiful wooden pieces and in the kitchen it's time to match it with your copper pans.

The lamp by three

Maisons du Monde Three pretty pendant lights, discreet in their design but brilliant in their interplay of materials. This ceiling light will fit more in an office, kitchen or dining room rather than in a bedroom or bathroom, where metal will not have its place.

Ali Baba's lamp

Maisons du Monde Maisons du Monde once again takes us to the other side of the planet with these suspensions that remind us of the moucharabieh of certain Arab countries. We imagine we are transported to the Orient where the warm colors are there.