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The Picara collection from Zara Home

The Picara collection from Zara Home

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While at Zara Home, we filled our basket with colors, summer patterns, subtle elegance and poetry. Called "Picnic" (chic), this fatal beauty of collection will sublimate our future gourmet escapades in the wilderness, to the point that it will be impossible to compete with us.

Striped lunch

Zara Home Departure for a picnic, two cotton tablecloths under the arm. Adorned with fringes and stripes of varying widths and colors, these cottony rugs will set the tone, fresh and dapper!

My beautiful basket

Zara Home The must-have chic breakfast on the grass? The romantic baskets! This one, woven wicker and lace finishes, has both the look and the size required ...

Vitamin C

Zara Home Our lack of vitamin C, Zara Home has remedied it by prescribing high-dose yellow / red / orange dishes. Everything to brighten up our outdoor meals!

Tutti Frutti

Zara Home Loti in the midst of soft and sparkling colors at the same time, Mr. Picnic displays a contagious good mood…

Sky blue palette

Zara Home Because it's always under a big blue sky that real picnics are improvised, one of her favorite outfits will be sky blue! Stripes and glasses on matching feet that we complete with napkins and plates with fanciful patterns, and that's how to change the April blues into a blue dream.

Grass color chart

Zara Home What if we pricked its color to reveal a vegetable theme in terms of lunch on the grass? A few placemats and napkin roll dyed in opaline do the trick.

Stylized plates

Zara Home Bye-bye white disposable plates, make way for melamine plates printed with Paisley patterns! Since then, they are the ones who lead the dance during the outdoor lunch…

Punchy patterns

Zara Home One thing is certain, one of the strong points of the Picnic collection is none other than its assortment of playful patterns. Large mix of animals on a flashy background, mixes of plants and tenderly pastel flowers, stripes with technicolor bayadères or Vichy tiles in spring mode: all arouse fascination and wonder ...