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10 Ikea bathrooms that make you want to get up

10 Ikea bathrooms that make you want to get up

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If you have trouble getting your head out of bed in the morning, it may be that the appointment with your bathroom does not tempt you more than that. To remedy this problem, Ikea has imagined bathrooms that are prettier and more functional than the others. The proof in pictures with 10 atmospheres that make you want to get up (and on the right foot!).

An optimized bathroom

Ikea So that the little ones also want to spend time in the bathroom, think of optimizing it by installing, for example, a chest of furniture on which they can sit when brushing their teeth. Also opt for corner furniture, which will allow them to save a few square centimeters!

All dressed in white

Ikea To bring freshness and give an impression of grandeur to your bathroom, bet on white from floor to ceiling. Our advice so that the whole remains warm all the same: add a beautiful green plant.

Baskets in the bathroom

Ikea Looking for a little originality for your bathroom? Have you thought of woven baskets? For storing towels, dragging dirty laundry or even to accommodate a green plant, they are perfect!

Small bathrooms that throw away

Ikea Flashy colors in one, graphic tiles in the other, when you have a small bathroom, don't be afraid to dare with a big O!

Zen atmosphere in the bathroom

Ikea What a joy to get up in the morning to go and find your clean, Zen bathroom. Do you dream of it? Ikea did it! Opt for anthracite gray tiled walls, add furniture with simple lines in blond wood, finish with some relaxing accessories, and voila!

High furniture like in the kitchen

Ikea Are you tired of walking on your business, barely up, for lack of space in your bathroom? The solution found without hesitation is the high furniture fixed as in the kitchen. These take up less space than the freestanding furniture, and above all free up some floor space for you. We are sure it will become your favorite piece now!

Smart storage

Ikea Another tip for finding your way in small bathrooms: bet on clever storage like this piece of furniture on feet that frames the toilet while being very decorative. Once organized, you will again enjoy spending time in your bathroom.

Optimize walls

Ikea To feel good in the bathroom, we understood, the important thing is that everything has a place. The walls therefore become real allies to optimize thanks to storage bars that accommodate baskets, bins or even hooks.

Cement tiles

Ikea To sublimate the bathroom, cement tiles are proving to be a nice alternative to traditional tiles. Here, mixed with gray waxed concrete walls, they create the decor and perfectly highlight the blond wooden furniture.