Room decor blooms

Room decor blooms

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Feel like romanticism, sweetness or femininity, all the good reasons to go into floral fashion in the bedroom! That's good since all the decorative accessories lend themselves brilliantly to the game…

Liberty frieze

Fly ### Scottish tiles, padded headboard in black leather, industrial lamp: the decor of this room could have been 100% masculine, but he decided otherwise. His recipe? Hang a liberty frieze 50 cm from the bed to awaken its feminine side.


Grandeco ### By adopting a wallpaper adorned with English rose buds, this room has ensured a chic and soft atmosphere at the same time.


Ikea ### On the bed, two-tone cushions adorned with old-fashioned rose patterns rock the softness of the decor on the retro side.


Ikéa ### On the bed, a cottony plaid plays with a modern version of liberty, orchestrating a fresh and dapper look that will delight our bedroom.


Ikéa ### Charm and lightness. These are the key words of this all-pink bedroom that has decorated its windows with fine curtains covered with miniature flowers.

Flowers in vase

Fly ### Here, no patterns or prints, the flowers, planted in a voluminous vase, are revealed in full size to enchant the poetry room.

Set of bed linen

Ikéa ### Triple adornment on this very enveloping and soft bed dressed in irresistible floral patterns, small, large and medium. The bucolic trend in all its splendor.


Ikéa ### Even the lampshade of the bedside lamp aligns with the flower power trend! It remains only to choose a bed cover and sheers in the same spirit, and the total look is created.

Decorative fabrics

Goal ### Superb branches of cherry trees have entered the walls of the room, creating a delicious Japanese atmosphere, a cult of appeasement and well-being.