10 ideas to make the corridor a decorative space

10 ideas to make the corridor a decorative space

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Whether you live in a Haussmannian apartment or in a recent house, the hallway is a delicate place to decorate. A passage piece and not a living space, it is often the big forgotten thing in decoration. It is however the entrance hallway that gives the first impression to your guests. To give it its place, we finally dare to decorate it with as much care as the rest of the house and why not try out scenographies a little more daring than in the living room. For those who find their hallway sad or bland, here are some ideas to make it chic and decorative.

Decorative rafters in the entrance

Castorama For a hallway that has style, opt for a herringbone parquet or herringbone imitation PVC floor, terribly elegant. You can choose it colorful and play with the gradient of the blades, as here with a color chart of blue, gray, white and wood. We really like the decorative effect that is installed by the simple presence of an original floor.

Cement tiles for a very chic corridor

Saint Maclou On the ground side, we opt for a cement tile effect coating that will elegantly decorate an entrance hallway. Very chic, it dresses this long piece with a real cachet, both rhythmic and elegant. The walls then remain neutral, white or gray, for more delicacy.

Colorful duo for dynamic corridor

Tollens Another solution to decorate the corridor is to bet on colors. The walls and doors are painted in a radically different color. The contrast brings rhythm to this narrow piece while personalizing it. Dare to paint the doors in a bright color, in electric blue for example and the walls in a luminous tone, like here in yellow. You thus create a cheerful and dynamic atmosphere in this space often devoid of light.

A decorative office in the corridor

Ikea To decorate a corridor while optimizing it, we use designer furniture, in pop tones, which gives life to this room of passage. A small retractable desk, with Scandinavian lines, will be both useful and aesthetic!

A trendy corridor with a brushstroke

Castorama To bring a forgotten corridor back to life, we play the trendy colors of the season: brick red, old pink or mustard yellow invade the walls. The advantage of this small space is that it can be repainted easily: take the opportunity to make it a decorative playground in your image.

Tropical trend in the corridor

Castorama To liven up and bring freshness to your corridor, think of planting it, literally and figuratively. We use wallpaper, with tropical or plant motifs, right in the trend of the year. It can be applied to all walls in total look or you can have fun with it, like here, around a door or on a single panel. Finally, plants are disseminated at different heights to complete the scenography.

A literary corridor

Nicolas Mathéus To decorate a long corridor with spirit, a low library is installed along its entire length. Shallow, it will be ideal for optimizing space while bringing a literary charm to this place of passage.

Petrol blue in total look

Tollens To decorate a corridor in an old apartment, we dare the petroleum blue, dark and powerful. Doors and walls take on a unique color that inspires serenity and French chic. We add a white globe light, why not supported by a brass rod, to illuminate the whole.

A corridor of inspirations

Ikea By running dozens of black and white photos on the walls, mood tickets or pretty cards, your hallway turns into a surprising wall of inspiration. And to be able to change the decor according to the mood of each, consider painting your hallway with magnetic paint.