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The shutters, several possibilities

The shutters, several possibilities

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My first saves 20 to 25% of heat, my second protects from light and my last decorates the facade. My everything is a great ally to insulate the house. What am I ? Shutters of course! Sliding, with a single leaf, orientable, automatic, folding, rolling, discover 10 shutters to give style to your home….

Sliding shutters

Lapeyre For a contemporary style in an architectural spirit, prefer black and sliding shutters. An original choice inspired by design constructions.

Adjustable shutters

Lapeyre For perfect light control, choose the adjustable shutters with horizontal slats. Their adjustable tilt as desired, allows you to play with the sun's rays and to filter or, on the contrary, offer plenty of light to your interior.

Folding shutters

Lapeyre Barely visible once folded, the folding shutters are the kings of cities. Small in size, they effectively protect from the sun, city light and intruders.

Roller shutter

Leroy Merlin The roller shutter, the new darling of facades! Discreet and allowing both thermal and sound insulation and flexible light protection, the roller shutters offer ease of use when it is necessary to open or close them.

Tilt-and-turn shutters

Lapeyre Its inclined opening allows air to circulate, while being protected from the sun's rays. But a precaution to respect: use the tilt-and-turn shutters in stages. On the ground floor, it would be easy to get inside the house.

Shutter beating a leaf

Castorama Single-leaf shutters are the partners for small windows. To keep a traditional look to your facade choose them in wood and preferably with reinforcement.

Automatic shutters

Lapeyre It's not just roller shutters that can be automated! Today, thanks to technology, even the shutters can be opened or closed silently and effortlessly.


Lapeyre The shutters never offer absolute black when they are closed. On the contrary, they let in light by tilting the sun's rays.

Headboard shutters

DR Above all, don't throw away your old shutters! Clean them, skate them or stain them, they will come back to life under your brushstrokes to become a headboard in a recuperative spirit.