10 wallpapers in the colors of the sky

10 wallpapers in the colors of the sky

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Lovers of big blue skies and turquoise water? We have selected for you wallpapers in the colors of the sky, full of poetry. Linked to dreams and serenity, the color blue invites itself into our interiors for our greatest pleasure. So, you too, succumb to the trend and let yourself be tempted by these blue dreams!

A "point paper"

Graham & Brown In this minimalist kitchen, we love the sky blue wallpaper, adorned with pretty little dots. The wooden furniture completes this pretty picture and the Scandinavian spirit transports us. And that's all !

A light wallpaper

Bartsch Hush, baby sleeps… In the children's room too, the trendy wallpaper in the colors of the sky takes on its full dimension. Here, lovely little clouds accompany the sweet nights of babies.

A tartan style wallpaper

Graham & Brown We plead guilty. But how not to fall for this tartan style wallpaper which is reminiscent of the motif of a cozy plaid?

A floral wallpaper

Erismann Do you like flowers but don't dare integrate them into your decor yet? Well let yourself be inspired by the spring spirit that reigns in this room with a very cozy atmosphere.

An aerial wallpaper

Graham & Brown Light as a little feather ... Impressed with a certain poetry, this wallpaper, all dressed in feathers, is a real invitation to travel. We decorate it with three birds to perfect this aerial decoration.

A new wave wallpaper

PS International We are very happy to be carried away by the patterns of this wallpaper, similar to waves. Comfortably lying in the leather and wood armchair, you could almost hear the sound of the surf ...

An original wallpaper

Erismann Modern and pop. Make room for color and wake up your interior with this wallpaper dressed in turquoise flowers. But be careful not to fall into excess of patterns and overdose of colors. For this, favor neutral colors: white or taupe.

A swirling wallpaper

Graham & Brown Here it blows! Give a baroque look to your interior with this wallpaper adorned with subtle scrolls. It even looks like a light breeze is sweeping through your interior.

Cloudy wallpaper

Little Owl This large living room open to nature revolves around a large hanging stove. At the bottom, a very designer staircase leads upstairs. And, in the background, a beautiful wallpaper recalls the colors of the northern skies.