Highly decorative little balconies

Highly decorative little balconies

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The sunny days are still there so go quickly take care of your balcony. Even small dimensions, they are adorned with colors, plants and suitable furniture to extend summer until the last ray of sunshine.

Recycled pallet

Alvhem We add a touch of rustic to this balcony with a coffee table made from pallets. Source: Alvhem

Green wall and clean furniture

IKEA We particularly like the attractive tiling on the floor of this balcony, a perfect setting for these garden furniture in solid resin. Indispensable for a successful balcony: the plants which here form a plant wall.


IKEA We don't hesitate to add color to your balcony with a tablecloth, a stool and a beautiful watering can in red tones. Little more than this pretty highly decorative balcony: the light garland which highlights the pretty wooden wall cladding.


IKEA For a "natural" balcony, opt for raw wood and black wrought iron furniture and, above all, don't forget the pretty potted plants.

A mini jungle

IKEA Here's a great idea that will keep your balcony sheltered from the sun and wind: install a wooden pergola on which you make beautiful plants climb. Jungle effect guaranteed.

Cozy and romantic

IKEA For a balcony that is both cozy and romantic, we do not skimp on the number of candle cushions set of light garlands.

Teak and nice tiling

IKEA Under pretty teak garden furniture, the owners of this apartment have installed attractive graphic tiling. A decorative touch that brings character to this small balcony. Source: Love Krakow

Well pruned shrubs

IKEA This small balcony with wooden floors has an alcove in height, perfect for pretty well-trimmed bushes. Topped with a light garland, they perfectly highlight the wooden bench seat.

Striped cushions

IKEA On this narrow balcony, the pretty bench seat and its striped cushions highlight the teak parquet floor and the many plants. Source: Love Krakow

Teak furniture on tiles

IKEA Point too much is needed on this beautiful tiled balcony. Teak furniture, a few cushions and voila! Source: Ikea Family IT

Minimalist decor

Ikea For an almost black and white effect, we are content with the minimum on this pretty balcony: two chairs, a table, a parasol and two potted plants.

Country chic

Alvhem For this wooden balcony, opt for a chic country decor with an old ladder as a shelf and large cushions on the small woven wicker sofa. Source: Alvhem

We put everything on the view

Alvhem When you are lucky enough to have an unobstructed view, you have to know how to put it forward. As in the picture, install pretty deckchairs on your balcony as well as a small teak table and some plants. Source: Alvhem

Out of time

Alvhem The red brick facade of this building lends itself to a timeless, vintage decoration for the balcony. So we install pretty red gingham cushions on the chairs, without forgetting to garnish the balcony with flowers. Source: Alvhem

Bohemian touch

Alvhem For a balcony with bohemian decor influences, we install a nice colorful carpet in braided cotton. Source: Alvhem

As in the countryside

Alvhem Citadin, countryside in your heart? Create your own little green space on your balcony. A few plants, a nice rustic bench and you're done, you're carried away. Source: Alvhem

True garden furniture

Alvhem Even the smallest balconies can be transformed into a real summer lounge. The proof in pictures with this balcony and its beautiful bench mounted on pallets. Source: Alvhem

Like a holiday air

Alvhem Go on vacation to your balcony. Install a pretty light garland and make it cozy with a beautiful outdoor rug. Source: Alvhem

Printed cushions

Alvhem Opt for a chic balcony by simply adding beautiful printed cushions. Source: Alvhem

Several spaces

Alvhem This pretty little balcony is divided into several spaces. On one side, a small table and two chairs are installed for outdoor dining; on the other, there is a lazy corner with a lounge chair. Source: Alvhem

Like by the sea

Alvhem Like by the sea, we opt for furniture with blue and white textiles. Source: Alvhem

A cozy corner

Alvhem For a decorative balcony which you can enjoy all year round, don't forget to bring big soft blankets! Source: Alvhem

Noir et blanc

JM / Pella Hedeby This pretty balcony is in keeping with the black and white trend with its black wooden furniture and white decorative details. Source: JM

All wood

JM / Pella Hedeby We love this little wooden balcony and its nice wrought iron furniture. Source: JM

In suspension

Lili Glass for Sfgirlbybay This is the dream cocooning corner. What a good idea to install a rattan hanging chair on your balcony. Source: SFGirlbyBay

Orange is the new black

Leroy Merlin We like the tangy furniture this little balcony on the floor covered with teak tiles. Source: Leroy Merlin

Pretty neon touch

JM / Pella Hedeby We bring out the immaculate white of this balcony with a table painted in neon green. Source: JM

Very colored

Leroy Merlin We dare to color! on this balcony mix artificial lawn and yellow, turquoise and green furniture. An unexpected and yet quite successful association. Source: Leroy Merlin

Total gray look

Shannon McGrath / Bower Architecture We love the total ultra-modern gray look of this balcony in a recent building. Little more: the green wall! Source: Bower Architecture