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The Gardens of the Chatonnière

The Gardens of the Chatonnière

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It is in the heart of the Loire Valley, in charming Touraine, that the Jardins de la Chatonnière flourish. Twelve in number, each one is thought of as an initiation whose name gives the key: Elegance, Silence, Abundance, Senses, Intelligence, Dance, Sciences, Romances, France, Fragrances , Luxuriances and Pleasures. Here, each season brings its share of blooms. In March-April, daffodils and primroses flourish under the feet of visitors. In April-May, tulips and wisteria display their gaiety. In May-June, it is peonies, roses and clematis that intoxicate passers-by… And you, when will you answer the call of the Jardins de la Chatonnière?


La Chatonnière The Jardin des Romances, created in 2002, is made up of thirty round green rooms. A thousand shades of roses are carried there, supported by living wicker trellises.


La Chatonnière The Jardin de l'Intelligence, created in 1998, has a neat architecture. It is composed of four squares framed by pergolas on which flourish clematis and roses. The dominant colors are blue - brought by clematis and lavender - and red brought by roses.

France 2006

La Chatonnière La Chatonnière is surrounded by soft nipples called Jardins de la France. In summer, these vast spaces of six hectares are covered with blueberries, poppies and daisies, in tribute to the colors of our beautiful country. Come in June to experience this amazing moment when the meadow catches fire under the red poppies.

Fragrances 7

The Croissant des Fragrances Chatonnière, created in 1999, gives pride of place to the queen of flowers. It thus accommodates a thousand rose bushes, in shrubs, covering or climbing on trellises and pergolas. A real firework of colors… and scents.


La Chatonnière View of the sky from the Jardin des Sens, created in 1997, whose massifs revolve around a circular basin. Two hundred varieties of multicolored perennials flourish there throughout the seasons: irises, dahlias, roses, peonies, sage ... During the visit, all the senses are invited.

Pleasures (24)

La Chatonnière In addition to its own charm, the Jardin des Jouissances, due to its overhanging position, allows you to enjoy the charm of ten other gardens. To do this, just snuggle up in the hollow of one of its charming alcoves and let your gaze wander while smelling the scent of lavender.

Elegance 4

The Chatonnière Le Vallon de l'Élégance, created in 1996, is an ode to refinement. In a green lounge decorated with tall lime trees and cone yew trees, and adorned with statues and vases, the blooms spread out throughout the seasons. The April tulips are followed by dahlias which, in summer, push their large, multi-colored flowering stems high towards the sky.

Gardens of the chatonnière castle

La Chatonnière In the fall, in the Valley of Elegance, the show is played a few centimeters above the ground when the two million cyclamen enter the dance…

Dance (14)

La Chatonnière Welcome to the Dance Garden, whose hour of glory is in March, at the time when forty thousand daffodils emerge from the ground by pushing their white or pale yellow corollas towards the first suns of the year. Then, the garden is discreet for ten months, the bulbs taking rest under the thick lawn, until the following spring. The carpet of daffodils extends into the undergrowth. Here, the bulbs draw four branches of freedom.