Equip yourself decor for the beach

Equip yourself decor for the beach

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Summer is definitely here and with it the start of the vacation! If you are staying by the sea, or if you are just going to enjoy your swimming pool, you must equip yourself! Here is our selection of decorative accessories to go to the beach in style!

Be the most beautiful to get a tan!

H&M Home Colorful, fun or with more or less philosophical messages, you will not go unnoticed with these pretty beach towels!

A 100% cotton and 100% trendy fouta!

Fermob Nothing like this big fouta from the Fermob brand to get out of the water or go sunbathing on the beach. Despite its small size, it absorbs moisture very well.

Be ready to face the summer!

Ikea Ikea thinks of everything! A straw hat to protect yourself from the sun and a nice wicker basket to carry towels and sunscreen on the beach!

An ideal kit for a picnic on the beach!

H&M Home If you want to sit comfortably on the beach for a picnic, don't forget the decorative aspect! Cooler bag, picnic blanket, cushions and of course beach towels, play the harmony card during your outings.

Manage the children's snack break in style!

Pack and Fly It's hot, you are a family on the beach, but obviously the children are hungry! Do not panic ! Take this cool bag, signed Pack and Fly, with you to store their four-hours! You can even use it to keep sunscreen away from the sun!

Wooden sun loungers

Garden & Co To be comfortable, take a wooden sun lounger under your arm, where you can relax all day long ... and avoid the towel full of sand.

An ideal set for the beach

Zara Home To be elegant and in harmony, even at the beach, opt for this Zara Home set! The cotton towel and the bag coordinated with a multicolored zigzag pattern will delight you!

Tables and chairs for lunch

La Redoute Interiors Is the beach just downstairs? And if you organize your lunch there? Take your colorful metal tables and chairs normally installed on your terrace, and enjoy this joyful and convivial moment.

A natural chilean

Maisons du Monde Finally, don't forget that beaches can also be made of pebbles… It is not Etretat and Menton that will tell us the opposite! Bring yourself a little comfort with a pretty Chilean easy to transport and whose natural color will allow it to blend in with the decor!