8 easy ideas for customizing decorative frames

8 easy ideas for customizing decorative frames

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Bringing a frame to life by dressing or filling it without even thinking about buying a poster, canvas or photograph is possible. Here are some simple ideas to poke.

With vinyls

Leroy Merlin ### Our old 33s could experience a second life not on the record player, but on our walls! A clever way to instill a musical mood in the decor and stage our favorite hits or artists.

With fabric or paint

Ikéa ### Over the flea markets, you have recovered a series of old frames of all sizes. To adjust them to your decor, nothing like a brushstroke or a fabric makeover! Long live the recovered decor!

With drawings

Fly ### If you have the soul of an artist, why not put your drawings (or that of your children) under miniature frames by carefully aligning them on the walls so as to form a homemade art gallery.

With dried flowers

Maisons du Monde ### For lovers of nature, this is a chic idea to steal: a herbarium-style wall decoration, created using a collection of dried flowers minutely framed.

With postcards

Ikea ### Instead of throwing away your old postcards, recycle them into "retro photographs" by inserting them into modern frames accumulated by the dozen. Or how to form a wall decor like a photo gallery.

With diagrams

Ikea ### Schematic cooking recipes or gardening instructions for cutting out in specialized magazines become original frames in frames.

With pictures

Castorama ### Photos, a Canson sheet cut to the size of the frame, decorative threads or ribbons fixed from top to bottom and from one side to the other of the frame, that's what we need for the transform into a stylized jumble.