10 popsicles to refresh you this summer

10 popsicles to refresh you this summer

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To cool off all summer, we adopt the popsicle trend! These frozen juice on sticks from the United States are wildly popular and easy to prepare at home. Kiwi, orange, coconut, soda ... here are 10 recipes that will make your mouth water!

Banana and Nutella

The Viet Vegan For the big gourmands, here is a chocolate recipe which is likely to provoke your crush: mashed bananas and Nutella! Source: The Viet Vegan

Mango and coconut

The Little Epicurean Fancy exoticism? Instead, turn to this mango, coconut popsicle recipe. The plus: a very visual two-color result to enjoy each flavor separately. Source: The Little Epicurean

Watermelon and kiwi

Real Food by Dad If you want to play the refreshing menu at will, prefer the super fruity recipes. Here, watermelon and kiwi give us a taste of the holidays. Source: Real Food by Dad

Tequila Sunrise

Real Food by Dad Do you like an ice-cold cocktail? The editor has selected this Tequila Sunrise recipe to put in the freezer. You will tell us news! Source: Real Food by Dad

Coconut and Oreo

The View from Great Island To add a little crunch to your coconut-flavored popsicle, put a simple Oreo cookie in your mold. Yum ! Source: The View from Great Island

Yogurt, fruit and cereals

The Zoe Musings The creaminess of the yogurt, the crunchiness of the cereals and the freshness of the fruit, hard not to succumb to this popsicle with a healthy but surprising recipe. Source: The Zoe Musings

Soda and cherry

Simply Sated To cool off in summer, you can easily let yourself be tempted by a large glass of soda. Why not also dare these popsicle soft drinks? Coke, a few cherries, and voila! Source: Simply Sated

Vanilla and blueberry

The Slow Roasted Italian Make way for sweetness with this delicious vanilla and blueberry popsicle recipe. Source: The Slow Roasted Italian

Margarita and hibiscus

Dessert For Two To keep your margarita popsicle not too sour, add a few hibiscus flowers and sugar to your recipe. Source: Dessert For Two