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A sitting area in the master suite

A sitting area in the master suite

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Your next decorative goal has a taste of luxury: install a sitting area in your master suite. Chic! But before you feel in your room, like at a hotel, here is a little inspiration book illustrating the different possibilities of furniture and furnishings.

A sitting area next to the bed

The Conran Shop ### Next to an oversized four-poster bed, there is a sitting area forming a separate block, an armchair, a sofa and a key table.

A seating area in a small space

Goal ### A sleeping area and a 2-in-1 sofa area in a small parental suite, it's possible! The idea to steal here? Install a coffee table and a cozy sofa facing the bed. A nice way to alternate napping and reading and give yourself the luxury of having a multifunctional room.

A sitting area separated from the bedroom by a curtain

Ikéa ### In the master suite, between the bedroom and the living area, a curtain serves as a removable partition. Convenient to preserve privacy on one side or the other by pulling the curtains, and create a feeling of space by folding them over the sides.

A sitting area at the end of the room

Blanc des Vosges ### At the other end of the master bedroom, an extra large sofa invites its owners to take a break from reading, computer or television out of bed. All in the same room.

A sitting area with two armchairs

The Conran Shop ### Represented by two super soft armchairs, the living area of ​​this spacious master suite with high ceilings remains discreet. The idea: to have a relaxation area other than the bed without breaking the feeling of space.

A more than discreet seating area

Hästens ### An even more discreet seating area than the previous parental suite is possible. The proof with this majestic piece decorated in a Louis XIV style, whose couch and armchair remain repatriated to the side when they are not in use. Or how to get a "living room" space while preserving the attention focused on the royal decoration of the place.

A seating area with a fireside chair

Ikéa ### One or two fireside chairs accompanied by a pedestal table and a lamp, that can easily fit a "mini living room" corner into the bedroom.