Hello House, the house that opens the conversation

Hello House, the house that opens the conversation

Completely renovated by Oof! Architecture, Hello House is a two-bedroom Victorian house in Richmond, Australia. Its large white brick wall seems to open conversation with passers-by, rewarding them with a friendly "hello"!

"Not just a private house"

Nic Granleese Architect Fooi-Ling Khoo explains: "This house is located at a crossroads and there is a cafe right across the street, so the whole area goes by on the way there. The customers were fantastic because 'They… understood that their house was not just a private house, that their house spoke to the neighbors too. "

Integrating into the neighborhood

Nic Granleese In the neighborhood, mix 19th century buildings, brick buildings from the 60s and 70s, small warehouses and even contemporary houses… The Hello House is at the crossroads of all this, "new face slightly noisy but nice" as like to say the architects.

Bring in the light

Nic Granleese And what better idea than this full height glazing at each end of the building?

Open space

Nic Granleese More than light, this glass wall brings a feeling of openness in the house. A feeling that we keep thanks to the large volume of the kitchen / dining room / living room which can still be partitioned thanks to large curtains.

Cheap materials and very good craftsmen

Nic Granleese Inside the house, the architects used cheap materials - plywood, bricks ... - but called on highly qualified craftsmen to create custom furniture.

Soft lights

Nic Granleese At night, the dim lights return all the warmth of the wood and highlight the veins of the plywood.

Cupboards and shelves

Nic Granleese As for the kitchen space, tall custom cupboards run on the walls - or how to save space in a small kitchen -, punctuated by ingenious round handles and a small niche where to display objects.

Living room storage

Nic Granleese While on the living room side, there are shelves in which the television is integrated, then, again new cupboards with the same beautiful handles as on the kitchen side.

Black and white bathroom

Nic Granleese As for the bathroom, it is like the rest of the house: very sober. Black and white, sink, toilet and bathtub with minimalist lines and small set of shapes with tiling. More information: Photos: Nic Granleese