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The sweetness of a charming room in the spotlight

The sweetness of a charming room in the spotlight

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To enjoy a sweet room in a cocooning spirit, the charming style is ideal. Breakfast in bed, a long nap or lazy Sundays will then become a real pleasure in an atmosphere that mixes retro style and feminine touches. Discover 10 charming rooms in pictures.

A retro room

Ikea In this room with the decor of yesteryear, the charm comes particularly from the flowery bed linen which brings femininity and color to the room. We don't hesitate to mix different floral fabrics to create a real patchwork.

A female room

Ikea Here, the charm of the room comes especially from the feminine atmosphere that reigns there. The bed linen has pink and floral gingham patterns, the carpet has a beautiful fuchsia and the curtains add a feminine touch. The entire bedroom is dressed in wood, both for the furniture and for the walls and ceiling, like a cocoon.

A flowered room

Ikea The ideal recipe for a charming room? Antique furniture in a white color to bring light and flowers in all their forms, whether on bed linen or fresh bouquets on bedside tables.

A romantic bedroom

Maisons du monde The charming style is not so far from romanticism. Thus, in this room, it is the furniture that makes its small effect by taking up a heart-shaped mesh pattern on the head and the bedside table. Nice bed linen completes the atmosphere.

A stripped down room

Alinéa To give charm to the room, you don't have to rely on a lot of objects. The most important pieces will simply be chosen with care. You can bet on a retro white metal bed and a nice old armchair to set the scene.

A four-poster bedroom

Maisons du monde To give the bedroom charm in the blink of an eye, do not hesitate to bet on a fairly strong piece of furniture like a canopy bed. Then dress the latter in beautiful curtains to create the atmosphere.

A timeless bedroom

La Redoute In this room, we have bet on a touch of retro furniture for a romantic atmosphere with the metal bed and bedside tables and we have opted for a very trendy gray color to bring a timeless look.

A room with soft colors

La Redoute To create the decor of your charming room, do not hesitate to choose a shades of soft colors such as beige, greige and string. The atmosphere will be soft and elegant.

A mottled room

Alinéa Finally, to create a charming decor, know that you can opt for antique furniture that will tell a story in your room. Head to the flea markets or opt for previously aged furniture in the decoration stores.